Wednesday, December 31

Today is the last day of 2003. Hurrah, within the next 12hrs I will sit down on a couch and go "wo ho another year" very unexcitedly.
Nature knows nothing of evil, nothing of violence,
Nature knows nothing of death, nothing of silence.
Pow, pow, pow! Onguard, toshay! Bang bang. Me bored, what else can I say? Au mein koft tut wei! (KITTY KAT! aww man my first published short story, published meaning in the school mag, lol funny, well actually lame.)
And they smile as if all is good and well,
But inside the pressure starts to swell.
They're no longer effected by what happens outside their head,
They focus on the confusion instead.
And then they realise that it isn't what it was.
And start the whole mind-numbing circle again, just because...
Depression is just anger without enthusiasm. Or something of the sort.

Song of the day:

Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head, i wanna drown my sorrow, no tomorrow, no tomorrow
and i find i kind of funny, I find it kind of sad
the dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had
I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take
when people run in circles its a very, very mad world.... mad world...

Tuesday, December 30

I love you, you're better than ice-cream.=)=) Sorry, but its catchy. Speaking of catchy, the mexican hat dance! Ben and I were singing it, even though it has no words though knox and I think we were starting to annoy Shayesta. We saw LOTR, second time for me, the ending is soooo corny! Give me a bucket I need to throw up, and I didn't even eat any avacardo. Bleh!
Tehehe Mr Depp is bald!! haha, what movie am I watching? You'll have to guess.
Do do dooo-de do, ba ba baa-da ba. Hmm. etc. etc. and so on. KABLAMO!

Have you ever seen,
A body of a dead man,
Perished in the heat,
half buired in the sand.

Ching-edy ching ching ching-edy. TING! =)
Song of the day:
Good morning starshine, the earth says hello,
You twinkle above us,
We twinkle below,
Good morning starshine, you lead us along,
My love and me as we sing,
Our early morning singing song,

It was on Simpsons the other night. =) I bring you looove!
Mist and shadow, cloud and shade. All shall fade, all shall fade...
Adios Awesome Air-guitar Amegos

Monday, December 29

Sorry, chatting to me mate Alby and that got stuck in my head.
Who me? Yes you! Couldn't be! Then who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Whats funny is that we actually have a cookie jar and I ate the last cookie!!! TEHEHE!! *skips away giggling*

*comes back*
I love you, you're better then ice-cream. I love you, you lovely lovely dream. Oh you gotta see it, i think i'm obsecesed, or maybe I'm in love. Nope, I'm just obsesced. Funky chunky monkey. Dancing like a star.
And I've given up on the story, it was crap and was going nowhere.
CHEESE WAS NEVER UNCOOL!! (except those hairy/mouldy ones)
Writing about milk products... What did the first person to milk a cow think they were doing?!? Oh I just going to pull and this cows udder, wow! its drinkable and yummy! Okay, I just grossed myself out. I hope i grossed you out too.
Ohh, I finished the Ellie Chronicles 6 days ago. AND IT WAS BRILLIANT!! BLOODY BRILLIANT!! AND AND!! OOOOH! I want to tell you people who read and who don't, but stories aren't the same if you know how it ends. So I'll just say this.... HA I'M NOT GOING TO SAY ANYTHING! READ IT YOURSELF! And be prepared to read pure brilliance. thANk yua John Marsden!
I love you, I really really do.

Song of the day: (I would do the ice-cream kitten but i did that yesterday)

Its got the zip that makes you flip and thats what really counts
In the Whoop-de-Dooper Loop-de-Looper Alley-Ooper Bounce!

Now, half this bounce is
90 percent mental
If ya calculate the specific Tiggerjectory of
yer Stripecelleration Diviferous by the
Square Boot of yer Rebounce, yer
Vertical Situituation should Riccatica-chet
yer Hydraulific Fu-silly-age into
an Accelerometric De-orbit!
Any questions?

(yeah I couldn't remember all of it so I used the net what a handy thing it is)
well thats all from me! Adios Apple Antidote Amegos
I love you
I really really do
I love you
I hope u love me too
I look in ur eyes
and I think that you are great
stick with me for a while
and I'll always be your mate
you know I'll always be your mate
I love you
you're better than ice-cream
I love you
you lovely lovely dream
I fall into your arms
and everthings ok
you are my sunshine and my love
on a rainy rainy day
on a rainy rainy day
you know I love you
I really really do
you know I love you
I really really
I really really

GO THE SINGING CAT. MEOW!! I love you, I really really doooooo!!

Sunday, December 28

Ching-edy ching-edy, at moi mates kawtes house. Alex is here too, he's on the phone to nick. And playing spank the monkey, tehehe jk.
Everytime we get over 200 it plays spesh music and we dance and its great. WE spent a day in the city and searched around town for a disposable camera so we could take a picture of a sign that says "penertration below" at melbounre central food court. It was awesome fun and gave us something to do. MUHAHA!
Nothing really to say, oh song of the day, myes, something of sorts:

you know I love you, your better than icecream... yeah give it a listen, thats the song =D=D I really really, I really really dooo!

Saturday, December 27

G'days maties. Contiuning my story. =S.

Ann was already waiting outside when Jodie submerged from her house.
“Good morning!” Ann said cheerily. Ann had an unusual amount of optimistic enthusiasm around her and was always very bubbly. She was one of those people who seemed to have everything yet be modest at the same time. Ann and Jodie had been friends since primary school and they’d started walking to school together every morning when they moved on to high school that was only two kilometres away.
“Mornin’ Ann” Jodie replied still half asleep.
“What you get up to on the weekend? A bit more of your ‘get down and boogie’ partying?” Ann asked.
“Nah, just the usual. Bummed ‘round the house. Walked around quite a bit. Finished that bloody English project. How ‘bout you?” Jodie replied, taking a breakfast bar out of her bag.
“Oh, who’d you bum this time eh? I’m sure it’s that Brian you keep talking about” Ann joked wittingly.
Jodie hit her on the head with the bar and laughed.
“Now come on! I don’t even know what he looks like! He’s just got different views to most people.”
“Ohhhhh really?” Ann paused and decided not to take it any further. “Fair enough then. I got up to lots of mischief with police, you know stealing and hotwiring an old Toyota.”
“Yeah sure, Ann without an ‘e’. I’m pretty sure I saw you at the station with that young, handsome, well-spoken George. I’m sure you had fun in the city”
“And what would that mean?” Ann said cheekily playing with her hair. “Nah, you know how my head works, we went shopping! He’s actually going out with Sarah we met up with her at the next station.” Ann continued, almost with a sigh.
“Hmmm, well now it’s the really journey! Ms Dontilson first period, my head is already throbbing.”
Ann laughed, “Yeah, I don’t think if we’ve ever had a class with her without her lecturing us about how easy we have it. There’s always room for a first!” She laughed again and they entered the gates of Killstone High.

I think its getting worse, Ohwell, Adios Arista Cat Amegoes

Friday, December 26

Yeah, well I said I'd write something during the holidays so here is the first bit of something I've been writing. If you think its crap send me an angry letter so I can turn her into black ninja and set it in Canada just to make it more interesting. Well yeah here it is.

Darkness crept over the sky. To the east some stars had started to shine dimly. Jodie finally got up out of the long grass and sighed, she wanted to get away from her life. But the only way she would be able to do that was fly, and that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Meeting up with the path out of the reserve she took a left and cut across some bush until she reached the fence. Making sure not to tear her jeans on the wire she climbed over it. She reached her house, sighed again and prepared her ears for the blasting from her father. Opening the front door she headed straight for her room, hoping to avoid all glimpses from her family.
It wasn’t that Jodie had a bad life or that she hated her family, she just felt empty. Like she could do more than her parents and the world would let her. She wanted to explore past the boundaries. She wanted to break free. But everytime she got a chance she felt like a dog tied to a tree, just out of reach of food. Like a moon, destined to orbit the same planet for eternity.

“What world are you living in that you so long to escape from?” The boy on the other side of the country asked.
“I don’t know,” Jodie typed back “But its just, oh I don’t know, what kind of life do you think I could complain about?”
“Well living as an orphan in total poverty and having to look after your seven younger siblings”
“Its not that bad! Man, you make me sound like a complete whinger!” Jodie answered a little insulted “Compared to that its nothing, just mental bullshit that I can’t control. Yeah well, that’s my story. What your problem?”
“Well my names Brian and I’m an alcoholic.” He said jokingly. “What gives you the idea that I have a problem?”
“So you’re completely happy?”
“Not having a problem doesn’t have anything to do with complete happiness Jodes! What mind set have you been living in?? ‘Oh the world is shit so lets dwell in our miserable thoughts for all of our lives’ You need to seriously chill out!”
“WOAH! Sorry! You didn’t need to completely crack it, I was just asking. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Jodie replied, shocked by Brian’s sudden outburst.
“I’ve g2g now, talk to you later.” Brian said after awhile.
“Ok. See you later alligator” Jodie said, hoping for him to relay the joke back.
Brian signed off. Jodie signed off too, no one else worth talking to was online. She shut down the computer and checked the clock, 2:30 am, time for bed.

Thursday, December 25

tehehe cat outside, his name is esky. He's usually really lazy and is very garfield like but he can hear something, maybe the sound of me typing, so he's all like "HMM!! something is moving! maybe I could eat it, oh! what was that?" Oh wow Cocoa is there too now, she's black and very, lol! Esky just chased her up a tree! wow, Cocoa went skits and ran under the house.
Lunch at my aunty Petah and uncle Geoff place, and boy were we spoilt! no more prawns! Aww prawns, not shrimp. I believe its a prawn not a shrimp! Yeah, the cousins weren't as, LOL! Esky just jumped through the window next to me, he's done it before when it ws closed, quite funny. pestulent as usual, maybe everyones in the Christmas spirit, maybe coz its Christmas, but I don't think thats the reason. But James, he's around 7, if you are playing with something, like the KBall my bro got, he'll grab for it going "give me a turn" even though he just took the bionical (is that wat its called?) off another cousin. Meh, maybe its me thats being selfish but he started it!
Rethinking yesterdays thoughts, they were irrelavent pieces of info that don't mean a thing now, so meh, stuff the dying thing. I AM IMMORTAL! Well, yes, yes I am actually. And so are you! Just look at the little train that could and Peter Pan. And I'm done because there are many comebacks to that statement where I would just go "I'm not listening la la la la laaa" or "IS NOT! Santa and... and the toothfairy and his little brother Fred who lives in my top drawer are real!!" Erhem, yes well, I'm in a little kiddy mood, I WANT A PONY! Don't ask about Fred, please don't.
Now its time of the blog where Larry sings... a silly song. Oh Barbara Manatee! You are the one for me.... =D Yeah its time for song of the day because I've written enough. Its not going to be a carol, they are just annoying.

Song of the day

She's a killer, queen, gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a lazer beam, guaranteed to blow your mind, recommended at the price, insatiable an appetite, wanna try?

(Mum got the Freddie Tribute DVD and I'm in the mood.)

Wednesday, December 24

Well, this is my blog and as I have made up of thoughts I guess I have to put this one in here because it is a special thought and I don't know where else to put it. Ahhhh, nope, i'm chicken, this thought stays in my head, I might as well delete this blog, meaning post, but thats silly. Wait, THIS is silly. ARG! just write it. I keep on thinking I'm going to die young. Like I'm going to have an accident and not pull though. I know this is like. WOOOH! Pesamistic Princess on her way, but its really buggin me. Its like I keep on having these dreams where I'm in a classroom and suddenyl everyone else disappears and its just me so I run outside to look for everyone else and get hit by a bus. and the bus doesn't stop until it runs into bright yellow wall and then I wake up.
and just to top it of I think I'm falling in like with someone who I've been friends for ages.
oh well, not dead yet. Adios Airboarn Axy Amegos
And now I shall blog.
I must be alittle behind the times, its Christmas tomorrow!! WOW! thought it was next week for some abscure reason, even though I'm well aware of the dates. It doesn't feel like Christmas. Oh well. MERRY CHRISTMAS DUDES AND DUDETTES! You sunk my battle ship. *guitar rip* =D Bill and Ted. thank you.
This shall be my thankful blog, so its gonna be alittle long, and if you don't get thanked send my and angry letter asking why you weren't thanked. Well better get it started.
Thanks blog for all the memories you are storing
Thanks MSN for the many hours I can spend talking to many people at once without using the phone.
Thanks Alby for all the hours you spend on MSN with me, and making me smile when I feel really crap.
Thanks scoll button on my mouse, it makes scolling so much faster.
Thanks Amy and Kate for all those interesting, out of the subject coments that turn into a beautiful conversation of there own, pointless but soo much better than the original topic.
Thanks Jess for always caring and listening even though you ask "whats your problem now?"
Thanks Rachel for just being a awesome person to talk to.
Thanks Alex for being my first bloody brilliant boyfriend.
Thanks Kathy for being a kick ass friend who always signs in when I have to leave.
Thanks Squashy for all your internet sites and conversations.
Thanks Jo for all those video memories, teo dollars and fifteen cents. And even though you don't have internet anymore, thanks for all the hours on msn.
Thanks Brumby's for your seasame dinner rolls
Thanks Brigie, LE and Sinead for all you wonderful entertaining blogging.
Thanks REM, Third Day, Queen, Bowie, Presidents and Don McLean (is that his last name? for all of your brilliant songs, and the writer of "Billy Don't Be a Hero"
Thanks to the maker of bouncey balls and making the 20c ones so cheap =D
Thanks everyone for not being on MSN at the moment, lol.
Thanks Laura for always saying poo in the middle of our conversations, it got annoying but it was humourous.(is that how u spell it?)
Thanks people who can spell my name correctly.
Thanks IMesh for all your downloadable downloads.
Thanks Alice, Alby and Alex for doing the Christmas card walk with me.
Thanks to everyone who was home so we could deliver your Christmas card.
Thanks holidays for exsisting.
Thanks siblings and mummy and dad for a great non-argumental year
Thanks Alex for just signing in!! YES someone to talk to.
Thanks GOD for everything you have blessed me with.
And finally thank YOU! yes YOU for reading =D
Adios A4 Paper Ageing Amegos

Tuesday, December 23

I forgot the last two days of songs of the days so here they are.

December 22nd
Everyone around love them, love them
Put it in your hands
Take it take it
There's no time to cry
Happy happy
Put it in your heart
Where tomorrow shines
Gold and silver shine

December 23rd
Cannot find the words to say I'm sorry
Don't know how to show You I was wrong
Wasted all that You had given me
Now I'm left with nothing and no one
And I find it's my fault
I'm the only one to blame
For the tears and the pain
I don't know what I can say
Or would it matter anyway
'Cause I don't know how you could still forgive me
For all that I have put You through
Is there anything that I can do

Shiny Happy People by REM and I don't know by Third Day.
Peace out leaders of today
Adios Angry Alligator Amegos

I'm sorry soylent green ppl. When I said "remove this blogs exsistance" I meant just the post I wrote for it was somewhat meaningless, I didn't mean to say that what u guys were writing is crap and u should get rid of it because it isn't, its pure brilliance and reading it just makes my day. And I shouldn't of broken in like that in the first place. oh well cheery-o
Ching Ching, money money money must be funny, in a rich mans world. Wow, I have money, step aside Bill Gates I got $100!! YAY! Its a voucher though, but me having money at all is pretty special and now I'll merge into the real world and realise that $100 can't buy alot that isn't meant to be eaten. Ohh, imagine all the PEZ I could buy with $100. do they even sell PEZ at MYER? well if it is "My store" then it should. Wow I'm excited, and I know you're most likely laughing but $100 is still a big deal in my eyes, and I just got it for chewing gum for 2 years. It tasted bad but. WOW! I just wrote all of that really fast and I think I'm on a high and I had to sign for the envelope aswell because it was soo special. and I had to rewrite every second word in that last sentance. I'm done boasting about all my lovely money to people who have more.
I watched 'Girl, Interupted' last night. It was very, a word the english lanugage hasn't invented yet. So I'll have to make one up. Ahhh. This is alot harder than I thought. Underplex. It sounds kinda dirty. Under being for understandable and plex being for perplex. But they contradict each other so it has to be a new word. Like it was understandable but it had that little bit where you go why? and yeah ooh maybe english does have a word for it but I just can't use a dictionary properly. I actually liked it quite alot. Yeah I might end up there, or at the top of the best of peoples who do stuff, or a lazy, self-absorbed bum. Or all of the above. The life cycle of the Francesca Butterfly, but I dunno if it every reaches past it's lava stage. meh, I never really liked butterflies anyway.
Wow its holidays, gonna see LOTR return of the king on boxing at 1:30, anyone else going then??
querky realities
Adios Air-cooler Avocardo-eating Amegos
'ave a good one! or two, or three or how ever many you choose. =D=D

Monday, December 22

Well little bubble-popping pals I haven't done any irregular nonsence of the strange kinda lately so thats what I might do. But it might end up making sence so no lifetime guarantees. Yeah I don't get "lifetime guarantees", is it your lifetime or the appilances lifetime? Well it's not gonna work forever. shmeh to confusing of the bad kind.
Smorgy's, eat, eat, all you can eat. food turns to fat now where are my feet?
Hey kids, where are you, no body tells you what to do. baby... do do dooo waaa shabopedy doo eeeeooooo. Blue pen, black pen in a blue casing. Maybe your crazy in the end.
Why do the White Pages pages turn yellow after a while? take it, take it, there's no time to cry. Hey kids rock and rock, nobody tells you where to go. No blue buzzard, no three eyed frog but as feline canine little cat dog.
It looks as if our two will never be one, something must be done. Gnomey man living at the end of my yard, we don't bother him much, his life was hard, living trapped in a concrete shell, never showing if he was sad or swell. Either eIther, neither neIther. Need each other soey.
So I can't aford to faulter or slow. Orange light, red light, stop. Green light beep your horn at the car infront. Bass, treble, balance, tone, banana. mmm banana split. His poor wife. Oh out on the roof to enquire the sky. Welcome to me very own show, I'll introduce my friends to you, oh no its ninny poo. I just wish you'd let me explain to you...
Crashed car speeding, wounds are bleeding, You know you know the victim, Luckily its not Mum. This goes out to the one I left behind. OH!! I got While I live! Step out of nonsence for alittle. Ellies parents and Mrs Mackenzie get killed!!! I know I just wrecked the first 2 chapters, sorry, but far out! What they'd already been through, to have that. I'd just freeze over, sorry nobody home. Everybody hurts, sometimes... And I felt stupid coz I forgot who Gavin was. If you don't know either he was the leader of the kids in the town with the hearing problem. Its such an awesome book I got to quote one bit that wont give away anymore. But it'll have to be short, otherwise I'm just a party pooper.
"'Mrs Samuels, call the Coucil, will you, and see what's happening about application. You're Ellie. Come in, Ellie.'
I wa glad he'd told me who I was. It's a relief to know who you are
Wow. I love it. Continuing...
That suger cane, that tasted good. They just stared at the weight of the world and pretend not to feel. Come on, come on, no one can see you cry.
Anyway, cherry-o. Hope your holidays are ol' good 'n' well.
Lotsa Love'n'Hugs (I wrote that so many times in my Christmas cards, its a trad now)
Peace is hopefully my future reality.
Adios Shiny Happy People, love you guys who read, still love you guys who don't. =D=D

Friday, December 19

Yeah, I've been bored so I was reading a few of my october posts and those poems are so negative it isn't funny. Come on with the monty python "Always look on the bright side of life" =D well, I'm going to have to write a more happier one now. Its probally not possible without making it cheesey, but I like cheese, especially melted on toast. ah... yeah....

Puppy doggy,
Wheres your lead?
Are you a loner ranger?
Have you been freed?
Free from your boundries
Released from your cage
Able to run wild
To start a new page
Moving in your own direction
Walking your own way
Don't worry puppy doggy
This is your day

And I think I'll stop there....erhem, well thats pretty mediocre is not further down the road. Chess set. Check and mate. You sunk my battle ship, awww noice bogus adventure. OH! buy a Christmas tree!! PLEASE! I loathe them so that if you don't buy one I'll have to burn them and that means no profit for the group. PLEASE BUY THEM! they are $26 except for the ones marked as $30. AHHH! I said that way too much today. 10am-6pm, come buy! come buy! please! And let me tell you, you do not want to do a pick up of 40 decent sized trees on a hot day. pine needles get in ur clothes and the sap gets all over ur hands and clothes and if you get poked in the eye it stings like burning wire, well i don't know about that but its close. Enough of my complianing. Cheery-o then =D=D i love it really, just don't say you like the smell of the pine or I'll have to stick a tree up your bottom.
Adios Abundat Not-your-average Amegos!
Her I am again, writing to you and your little minions. Wait, do you even have minions? I want some minions, wait, no I don't, I want to lift up self-ruling. Glad I'm still thinking even though school has ended. ahuh, and that is me.
And as you most probally well know, I have a very small social life so as nothing will be happening in my life I shall spend my time writing a short, very short storys/ies. YAY! It won't happen but I'm trying to make it interesting by making it bad. That sentance made sence when I wrote it but no longer does so just ignore it.
OH! and I heard from my lovely brother's even lovelier girlfriend steph that if either of the too new girl aren't up to scratch that I'd get an interveiw. Wow and then I'll have or atleast tried for a job.
"Well after I graduate I plan on getting married"
"And then?"
"And then I'll be married"
Mona Lisa Smile. Hmmm dunno what I think of the previews but yay for female independence. nah nah nah nah nah nah LEADER!
Oh yeah, I'm a peer support leader for next years little yr 7s. I hope they are all nice little children that have no access to nuclear warheads. I'm most likely with Tom, Zohair or Hsein, because I really couldn't care who I was with and neither did they. All of the other peer support ppl chose their partners.
and Alby got his plate today, one day off freedom and now to the less attatched plate. I found my old one, its quite disturbing, I put it back in the draw and ran away as fast as possible before it jumped into my mouth.
Let me, ooooh, entertain you. Here we are now entertain us.
And I'm done.

Song of the day:
the concrete broke your fall
to hear you speak of it
I'd have done anything
I would do anything
I feel like a cartoon brick wall
to hear you speak of it
you've been so sad
it makes me worry
why not smile?
you've been sad for a while.
why not smile?

Thursday, December 18

YAY! we got our reports today, nothing that was unexpected. Dad hasn't seen it yet and he's gonna crack it hardcore when he finds out about history, shmeh he'll get over it. All the ones I wanted to do good in were excellent so I'm very pleased, and everyone contradicted Ms Caserta (hist teach) in their comments so I felt very proud. And alot of them say I'm capable student, but does that mean I use those capabilities?
Oh well. YAWN! Pheobe's been texting and flirting with people she never met, but the slightly disturbing thing that went with this is what my brother said she should write, "I want u to fall down the stairs so I can nurse you back to health only to break you neck while passionatly fuking u"
Very disturbing but also quite humourous in a very twisted way.
Strange things are happening to me, song off toy story.
welll I'm done for the day.

Song of the day:
Rebel, rebel, you tore your dress,
Rebel, rebel, your face is a mess,
Rebel, rebel how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so.

Wednesday, December 17

and here I am writing again with nothing to say so I'll just keep this window open and when I get some insperation I'll write.

Ohh! Alby got his braces off! and I get to see them tomorrow, I'm so excited! On his behalf. =D. Ahhh...

Everyone keeps going "brb" on me and not coming back, I know I've been complaining about it lately, but it really hurts. Or if they say "hi" and don't say another word until I say "I think I'll join the quite club too" like 10mins later and then they crack it at me and I end up apologising.
Hmmm, I think the brain should be detatchable, then I could sleep without all these strange dreams. But you'd have to leave the brain stem (i think, was I paying attention in science?) so that you could still breathe and circulate blood. Ohh and all those blood vessels would bleed. Maybe it'd be easier if you just turn certain (I know its the wrong certain) sections off.
I'm so addicted to MSN its not funny. Well not to the extent that I ring people up and go "hey go on msn tonight!". But I'm always on it, the really question is do I have a life. The big answer is unknown but mine is no. I sooo don't.
WOOOHOO! Alby and I are rejoicing in the hyperthetical streets!! WOOYAH! He's going crazy and accidently ran crutch first into a mis-placed pole, acording to him not me, i must of been too busy "partying" HAHA! And rachel says she isn't high on sugar or other substances but none of her sentences make sence. Or mabye they do and I'm not making sence. Or I misinterpret too many things all at the same time.
NOOOOO! Alby's gone =(. awww, Frances rejoicing in the streets no more, isn't fun with anyone else. =(
AHH! not this song again. Okay its an okay somg but 5 times in 2 hours?!?!? Take me away from here! I'm feeling it! Grr...
and I think I'm done with only the coment that times are a changing, but I'm still staying the same, still staying sane. Or is that insane if your living in the past?
That is no orc horn...
Here come, here come, here come the badgers. aww those dudes are brilliant.

Stapler, address book, pencil, pen, mouse, floppy disc. Suddenly I have nothing to write, maybe my veiws are becoming too discriminating to put on here. here come, here come. sorry impulse. GRR! Jess did it to me again! saying hello and then signing off once I reply. And alby keeps, going away. Man I am really bad company. Yep, so now its down to my song of the day, it was played at the bowling alley and is stuck in my head.

Song of the day:
Love is in the air, in the whisper of the trees.
Love is in the air, in the thunder of the seas.
And I don't know if im just dreaming,
Don't know if I feel sane,
But it's something that I must believe in,
And it's there when you call out my name.

Have you ever sEen the littLe hints People give? PeopLE usuAlly miSs thEm.
YOU don't HAve To say it out loud, i undErstand what you MEan.
Can yOu thiNk only Find yoUrSelf In anOther dead eNd?
toDay just like evErydAy, you just walkeD by. toTally ignOring whaT sHE Wanted tO say, Ruining her hopefuL Dreams...
Silence followed the awfUl crack. Inside i Cried, as the outsIDe would nEver know...

Tuesday, December 16

I think I write tooo much so instead of publishing another I'll just add onto this one. =) Hmm, now I have nothing to say. Its not funny coz its true, its funny co its not you....
Song of the day:

When your education x-ray
Can not see under my skin
I won't tell you a damn thing
That I could not tell my friends
Roaming through this darkness
I'm alive but I'm alone
Part of me is fighting this
But part of me is gone

I just signed in and saw this little tick box under the sign in box. It says "Remember Me [?]". Do I really want to be remembered?
What would I be remembered as if I was? Ohh sugared beets, I really don't care. forget me forget me you never met me.
Wow there was this soccer player on TV and his mouth was really wide open, I'm surprised a fly didn't fly in. Why can birds fly but flys can't bird? I don't know why she swallowed a fly, perhaps she'll die. hopefully not but just going along with the nursery rhyme.
I had a dream. It was pretty disturbing too. Someone pushed me out of a plane and as I fell to the ground my leg got snagged in a tree and ripped clean off. But suddenly I was plunging into red water. when I hit the water, I started swimming upwards but couldn't reach the top so I just kept swimming and swimming. But then there was nothing it was like there wasn't any water and I fell again. I dunno what that was about but hmm. weird
"I'm sorry, goodnight"

Monday, December 15

And they started singing and grooving to the melody, not reliesing that the punch bowl had been spiked, slowly people began to get entangled with each other as more and more punch was consumed. hmmm do I want some punch. my brother had some Coke in the fridge and I was thristy so I poured me a glass, a full one, and sculled the lot, but lol its quite funny, it had i think it was rum in it. I dunno how diluted it was but yeah, I like ordinary coke...
I HAVE A PAPER PHONE. RING ME!! its a samsung.
Thanks for the conversation jess, I just love it when people say hi and sign off. its a nice feeling, really.
Depression is anger without enthusiasm.

Twenty four gallons on my head,
might be twisted glue instead,
not making sense but no one minds,
just a way of spending time.
green elephants flying though my home,
happily sings the dancing garden gnome,
purple swirly swirls indeed
its me you need to feed
rocking out to the beets
tuning hard to the roots

sorry spur of the moment... I dun like beetroots... My head wont stop bobbing... tehehe, no I'm not tipsy, the rum was yesterday, i'm not trying to be tipsy either. bob bob bobbing head tehehe doggy
Who? Is that that girl from gym class? No, that's me. Ew... Who is she and why does she have her own song? Did someone take my lunch?

Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, Marchin' in her own parade. Pepper Ann, she's like one in a million! Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, Much too cool for seventh grade. No one's cooler than Pepper Ann! She's her own biggest fan Pepper Ann! Catch 'er if you can, Pepper Ann!

That is my favourite saturday morning programe, well it depends what else there is, like sorry, but I can't stand buzz lightyear of star comand or tarzan. And don't even start on Tabaluka if thats how you spell it. "oooh a mood ring" yep. we got school activities today, I'm doing 4 periods worth of indoor and two of rock climbing and I have a feeling no one else is, oh well, continuing being the little individual who complains about doing too much indoor soccer but will happily do it instead of staying home. Meh, if I stay home Kelly stays home and I don't know if I want that... Nah my sisters cool, sometimes, when shes not kicking me while I try and sought out the stuff/junk/rubbish/treasure (depends on who you talk to) under my desk that happens to be under my bunk. yes well erhem me done now, adios armadillo amegos!

Saturday, December 13

Yep, on my rollercoaster. But the last two days have been sweet and now I'm just antisipating the fall, come on, come on, ruin my day.
Well thats just me, okay, get rid of that mind set. No more one step forward two steps backward shit. No more antisipating the down side come on.
Last night was awesome. JT (Church, yep i see ur disappointment) had a "Looking Back" thingy for the yr nine coz this was our last year, and all of the Godly vibes just got to me. God, He is soooo cool. Man, come on in the faith.
And today Albert and I went a walkin' and a talkin' down the street singing doobadaybe... well actually delivering the Christmas cards to all of my firendly friends that have known addresses. And Alex, (our second stop) joined in which was awesome to have another buddy along. And so we walked around 15-17km bouncing my $2 bouncey ball, talking and stalking Frances. Rachel wasn't at her mum's place and we think we woke her mum up, it was 11:30 so sorry but fair enough.
Wendy wasn't home but left cANday canes in her letter box for us. (my comps on speed again) then to Vermont Sth where Laura had strange people over, 'watching disney' but it seemed too orgy-like to stay. ahh, who was next? Kathy, we didn't even get to her house coz we saw her crossing the oval yelling my name.
We went to the Time Saver petrol place thingy and all three of us got these cool limited edition pepsi bottles. I know coke is better but presentation was just to high on the scale, excuse my shallowness.
Then to malcolms but we were to scared of his grandma so we just put it in his letter box, yes we are wimps. then we went to Amys and I think we got her in trouble because when we went walking up her drive Amy's dad and her evil stepmother fiona drove up giving the idea that amy invited us over while they were out. Well fiona can't really give her any more chors as she's basically but amy into slavery.
We had alittle trouble finding zohairs street and alex and alby started ducking off and pretending to stalk me, and I got plum juiceage in the hole in my shoe, but we eventually found it and gave him his card. He just got back from cricket and his hair was all funny. then we went to michelles who when we asked if she wished to join said "no" very quickly and blankly.
Afterwards we went to K-Mart plaza, I think it was around 1:30ish and thought to had lunch but played on some on the equipment and rolled down hills and played with the elavator and bounced my bouncy ball down the stairs. THEN WE GOT MORE BOUNCY BALLS! I got two and alex got one. We checked out Brumby's but B wasn't onduty so we went and said hello to Santa and off to Alice's.
We stood around the corner of her house and rang her mobile and she came out looking for us. She joined and then we went to Jo.L's house in which she was not home!!! GRRR! Her front door was open but the fly screen (where we stuck the card) was locked and not being American curious trespasers that go into other ppls houses we moved on to Jo.F's house who was working at McDonalds so we just handed her card off to her sister. Then we planned to go to Dats, but Alby rang him first and found out that he had family over and would rather us not go to his house, so of course, we didn't.
So we shortcuted past 7-11 Ably being the gentleman buying us Slurpees we went to Jess's house. Rachel was at Jess's house and they were.... er... i think cooking, if you call it that. Their muffins were golden syrup flavours and didn't have and baking power (not baking soda) in it so they were pretty flat. And their cookies had way too much flour. They admitted to this, and Jess dogs also agreed that they weren't the tastest of snacks, but they were very edable, the food not Jess or Rachel or the dogs. Then we went half way to Forest Hill chase and sat down on the sidewalk. Alice decided to go home so we got up and continued to Forest Hill chase.
Firstly we went to Big-W to see Alex's sister Fiona (not related to evil stepmother Fiona) in the entertainment department and organised his Christmas pressent from her, talk about convenience. and then we went down the Harris scarf to find tom working (tehehe) and found that its a small world after all, Alex knowing Jaqui from primary school, who I know from scouts and Tom knowing her from work and tom alex and I all going to the same school. Alby kinda stood there going "wah?"
We tried out KFC to see if Emily was working (Pete's in sydney) but as I found out later she was at Luna park and... the beach (shiver). So we went to Hungry Jacks and saw Zohairs brother and said hello to him. And then Alby went home and Alex came to my house and Alex got dropped home when Mum had to take Kelly to a sleepover party and I love adverterous day where I acctually do stuff, with people I love so very much. =)=)
And now I am the happy little munchkin full of happiness and joy.
Merry Christmas Dudes and Dudettes, ave a good one!
How many dogs barked at us? 9 How many dogs did we see? 15

Tuesday, December 9

Today I lost my reasons,
To live through all the seasons,
Bash my head,
And go to bed,
Why isn't this pain easing?

No reason to feel the pain,
But my life isn't the same.
Just need a day,
to run away,
turn the flour back to grain.

Need a reminder to remember,
If its June or December,
I want to stop it now,
I don't care how,
To this hurt I must surrender.

Tomorrow will be the day.
That the voices will get their way,
Slit my throat,
Bleed and choke.
But thats still a day away....

Sunday, December 7

I'm sorry but I'm in one of those everythings a peice of poop mood and you can't stop me. Nothing happened to bring it on, it just is so there. I now you must hear about it in detail, but there's nothing to say so I won't say a thing, no thing at all, this is the last you'll hear from me here! Stuff your stuck up nose up someone elses bum coz i'm not in the mood to have my mind mucked around by the likes of you!
You wake up in the morning at seven twenty-three, you don't need to poop and you don't need to pee, you write a blog, bloggy bloggy, blog-edy blog, you write a blog, bloggy bloggy, blog-edy blog...
So that is what I am doing, woth the computer on speed and everyone fast asleep. Anyone got any bashing saucepans? Icy cold water? Warm water to make them pee themselves? Shaving cream and a feather? No? Well I guess they can stay asleep as I wish not to use my vocals, even though their sound is sweet, lol laughing at myself coz no one else is around. I finished all the Christmas card covers for people, they are rockin' now I just have to write in them. 14TH OF DECEMBER!! CARDS TO YOUR DOOR! If you're one of the lucky 15 you will get a christmas card delivered to your door by FRANCES!! =D and Alby might be there too coz he's awesome and we needed a reason for a walk. The square that we shall be delivering in will between Canterbury and Highbury, Terrara and Middleborough. YAY! Well yeah...
Adios, I don't like you I think you're gross!
Not really.

Song of the day:
Tell all my friends I'm dead, I'm leaving you, this time its for good, tell all my friends that I'm dead, it won't be long before you forget my name...

Saturday, December 6

We return to the life of our famous (well not that famous), little (well not so little) character Frances. Being the bored girl she is she decides to walk up to K-Mart Plaza to obtian some 20c bouncy balls to add to her collection. So she picks out all the 20c peices in her wallet and sets off into the wilderness of the bitumen Blackburn road, well the footpath of Blackburn road. So she continues along this road and incounters a half-naked, middle-aged man talking to a lady she asumes is his wife. She keeps walking, feeling the eyes of the man and lady following her and sees a girl jogging on the opposite side of the road. "Wow" she thinks to herself "I wish I had that much determination, I couldn't run for more than 2 minutes at the most" She shrugs off the thought of being and unfit, not so little juvinile and looks ahead, nearly running into a man with two really cute, black dogs. She apologises and keeps walking. Walking, walking, walking. Up ahead she can see a little girl, the little girl looks at her and picks up a pine cone that had odviously fallen from the tree on the fence line. "Ahhh, I hope she doesn't throw that at me. And if she does well..." she picks off a gumnut from a passing tree and holds it in her hand "..I'll throw this at her." It was alot smaller, very much so being about the size of a 5c piece, luckily though the little girl didn't throw the pinecone so Frances didn't have to throw the little, pathetic nut. Walking, walking, wlaking, living in Blackburn it is alot of walking to get to K-Mart Plaza. A lady with a dog. A girl walking from work, possibly K-mart. She stops at the lights at the intersection of Blackburn Rd and Burwood Hwy to hear some unintelligable, quite blind, young hullagens yelling from their car "IS IT REAL?" at her. She is quite puzzled as there isn't anything that could be even questioned as fake. So she just ignores the young hullagens and crosses the road finally reaching K-Mart Plaza. Nearly knocking into another person she skips onto the path and walks past Brumby's. And to her surprise she see her good, ol' (well kinda new) friend Brigid. YAY!! "Maybe I'll buy a dinner roll" she thinks "hmm" She enters the shop and says "hello" or some variation as most people do when then meet. To her dismay there are no dinner rolls. "AHH!!" she screams half-heartedly inside her head. "Oh well". After a conversation about Frances', B's and Jo's beautiful, completely awesome, hair cuts she has to come to the conclusion of what she should buy. "hmmm" our not so little character thinks "Yes, we have no bananas". So she ends up saying something about having no idea and that Brigie should chose. So chose brigie does. A nice, delicious, chocolate covered crosaunt/pastry that was odviously over $1.60, but thats what Frances paid to the very nice girl at the counter by the name of Brigid. and that was her day! hurrah!!! Besides being home later than expected nothing mentionable arose to the mind of Frances... except for how many people pick their noses in their cars at the lights... but thats another story....
I am VERY disappointed with you fellow bloggers!!! I said I would write less but thats because I wrote too much. Just because I write less doesn't mean you can. WRITE DAMN IT!! I NEED TO BE ENTERTAINED!! I probally write the same anyway, but just because you have more of a life than me doesn't mean you write less. Aww I dunno, I have no valid reason to yell at you, good on ya for having a social life. I'll just hide away in my little dank, dark cave living off the moss that grows off the walls. Will you visit me? Will you save me if the walls cave in?

Song of the day:

Stop in the name of love,
Before you break my heart.
Baby, baby!
I'm aware of where you go,
Each time you leave my door.
I watch you walk down the street.
Knowing your other love you'll meet...

Friday, December 5

If your looking for a name you wont find one here. Just coz I wear pants doesn't make me queer. *shakes fist* I am not perfect but at least I'm trying, to change something in the world that won't stop buying.
Cd stuffed up so no music for talk, got an awesome spring wobbly clock from my KK (Thanks ALEX!!=D)got hit by a puck hit by Zohair it didn't hurt but it left a red line that looks like a 'J'. for Jelly cup that I eat everytime I go to 7 11. wibble wobble wibble wobble jelly on a plate. My mind is in a fragile state. Please excuse my lameness today, it was the last day of 9B Fellowship :( shattered, we wore black arm bands and 9C copied. Next year will be all over the place, still don't know electives yet GRR get orginsed school or i shall have to kick you, or bag the school terribly when I have to talk to the future year 7 on monday!! MUHAHAHA

song of the day:Silly songs with Larry (the cucumber!)
If my lips ever left my mouth,
Packed their bags and headed south,
It'd be too bad,
I might be sad.
It'd be too bad?
You might be sad?
It'd be to bad.

If my lips said "Adios"
"I don't like you I think your gross"
It'd be too bad
I might get mad....

Thursday, December 4

Being on blogger and have this bumming song in my head I thought I would have a second song of the day, making up for the days that I didn't.

second song of the day:
Forever and ever you'll stay in my heart and I will love you forever and ever thats how it must be, to live without you would only be heartbreak for meee-ooo-eee-oo-ee oh. I run for the bus dear, while riding I think of us dear, I say a little prayer for you, at work I just take time, all during my coffee break time, I say a little prayer for youuuu-OOOHH, forever and ever ....
You wake up in the morning at a quarter to one and you feel like having a bit of fun, you brush ur teeth cch cch chhchh chh chh chhchh. I had to let those dentisty people attack my teeth again today! get out of my mouth!! grr
oh well, after 3 years of chewing that gum we get a $100 myer voucher. We're in the money, la la la. Well! isn't that Swell! erhem, yes, bordem is my second middle name, my first middle name is Renee, but thats besides the point. and now I past the bordem virus to you! MUHAHAHA!! ITS CONTAGIOUS! spelt wrongly of course and I think i'm done for the day.
adios enchalada amegos

song of the day:
Did you write the book of love? and do you have faith in God above, if the bible tells you so. Do you believe in rock 'n' roll, can music save your moral soul, can you teach me how to dance realllllll slow? and I know that your in love with him, coz I saw you dancing in the gym, you both kicked off ya shoes, man I dig those rhythmy bluesss Ooooh, I was a lonely teenage bronken buck, with a pink carnation and a pick up truck, but I new I was outta luck the day... the music.... died, we started singing....

Wednesday, December 3

Good day people that are and aren't really there,
Its been an average day in the life of me. I got to play Pete's shocking roulette and got shocked twice, damn electric currents. It feel likes someones pinching your finger. Its quite an interesting concept. And now I continue into the part where I start talking as if someone, possibly you, is still reading after they relised what a waste of time it is reading this. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Lets go fly a kite, or fly a kite, or attack people with pointed sticks. I have a dream...
Ohh, ok, lately stuff in my waking dreams have meant something to someone and one thats been puzzling is "Why did he read them?", if this applies to you. Well, I had a dream about you, *winks and smiles slyly*. how you doin'.
WELL!! *cough cough*. this big vein in my foot pops out when its hot, its all like squishy. Yes, we have no bananas. My arm isn't flaking as I thought it would after the encounter with melted candle wax falling on it making my arms look all crusty. Well I'm done, but in honour of my special song blog, I shall have a song of the day everyday.

Song of the day:
Billy don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life,
Billy don't be a hero, come back and make me your wife.

Tuesday, December 2

You've got the music in you, Don't let go, You've got the music in you, One dance left, This world is gonn pull through, Don't give up, You've got a reason to live, Can't forget... we only get what we give....

Today shall be my special, music blog as I want some special music and I want some NOW!!

It's like you're always stuck in second gear, When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, but I'll be there for you, When the rain starts to pour, I'll be there for you, Like I've been there before, I'll be there for you, 'Cause you're there for me too...

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road, Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. So make the best of this test, and don't ask why. It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time. It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right. I hope you had the time of your life...

Little darlin' I feel the ice is slowly meltin', Little darlin' it seems like years since it's been clear, Here come the sun, here comes the sun, And I say it's all right, Here come the sun, la la la laa, here comes the sun, It's all right, it's all right...

I'm laughing at clouds, so dark up above, The sun's in my heart, and I'm ready for love, Let the stormy clouds chase, everyone from the place, Come on with the rain, I've got a smile on my face, I'll walk down the lane, with a happy refrain, Just singing, singing in the rain...

Good morning, it's a lovely morning. Good morning, what a wonderful day. We danced the whole night through. Good morning, good morning to you. I said good morning, see the sun is shinin'. Good morning, hear the birdies sing. It's great to stay up late. Good mornin', good mornin' to you...

First I was afraid, I was petrified, Kept thinking I could never live, without you by my side, But I spent so many nights, thinking how you did me wrong, I grew strong, I learned how to carry on...

Well there's a pretty girl servin' at the counter of the corner shop, She's been waitin' back there, waitin' for a dream, Her dreams walk in and out, they never stop, Well she's not too proud, to cry out loud, She runs to the street and she screams:
What about me? It isn't fair, I've had enough, now I want my share, Can't you see, I wanna live, you just take more than you give, more than you give...

And as we wind on down the road, Our shadows taller than our souls, There walks a lady we all know, Who shines white light and wants to show, How everything still turns to gold, And if you listen very hard, The tune will come to you at last, When all are one and one is all, To be a rock and not to roll...

Woe oh oh oh oh oh.....

And she's buying a stairway to heaven...

Monday, December 1

Migrain is finally gone and all is good and well inside the head of our famous, little character Frances. Chilling to some Duke Ellington she smiles and wonders about that person who she wonders about when she wonders. Or about wondering about wondering, one or the other or both. Apart from the ocassionally reply from MSN buddies she is undisturbed. Reading though her resume again, seeing if she should add more or take somethings out. Laughing at the fact she had to put her gender because of her name, she coasts through the rest and places it down.
"Those Bakers Delight people better love me, if not I shall become a Brumby's gal and there shall be a baker's war in which I throw my first attempt of bread at their heads." she thinks to herself. "Then no one will be able to stop the rath of ME! moohahaha!"
Focusing off her world domination plan she continues to wonder about that person she wonders about when she wonders. Or about how stupid she was to give Pete her answers as Alex is in a bad situation without any at all.
"Great! Why do I always help the annoying ones and let my friends down" she proclaims annoyed at herself. "If I hadn't had a migraine I would of been able to get the questions back off Pete and give them to Alex. DAMN YOU MIGRAINS" she cries shaking fist in the air. She cools herself down by turning up Ella Fitzgerald's and Louis Armstrong's 'Let's Call the Whole Thing Off' and she starts to sing...
"So if you like pyjamas and I like pyjahmas,
I'll wear pyjamas and give up pyajahmas, For we know we need each other so we, Better call the whole thing off, Let's call the whole thing off."
She breathes a sigh of releif and continues to wonder about that person she wonders about when she wonders. Or at her terrible history outcome. How could it come to this? A fail? Frances Hatcher of B plus ville? The one given the highest expectations as if she would succeed? No wonder why she always lets people down. She remembers a time when this was not so. She was a bossy, arrogant, stuck up, know-it-all, little grade 4er who treated her friends like second grade poop. She runs her fingers through her hair and sighs again.
"Guess I'll never know" she says, quite out of the subject. Maybe she was wondering about that person she wonders about when she wonders after all.
DAMN YOU MIGRAINES! And now I understand very well that November has 30 days not 29 =S. My head isn't happy and this computer isn't doing much good, I'm home alone with my head going "Ohh! I want this side to burst! Wait what about this side? oh! oh! idea! how about both!?!" Well its my right side at the moment right near the temple, no ora though which is good. I feel no pity for those how had to go to school for their head are not exploding, and if they are, well then I do. Ahh! ora coming on must leave computer.
Love ya's, not migtains, mate!