Saturday, December 6

I am VERY disappointed with you fellow bloggers!!! I said I would write less but thats because I wrote too much. Just because I write less doesn't mean you can. WRITE DAMN IT!! I NEED TO BE ENTERTAINED!! I probally write the same anyway, but just because you have more of a life than me doesn't mean you write less. Aww I dunno, I have no valid reason to yell at you, good on ya for having a social life. I'll just hide away in my little dank, dark cave living off the moss that grows off the walls. Will you visit me? Will you save me if the walls cave in?

Song of the day:

Stop in the name of love,
Before you break my heart.
Baby, baby!
I'm aware of where you go,
Each time you leave my door.
I watch you walk down the street.
Knowing your other love you'll meet...


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