Thursday, November 27

Yep, I am obsesed with this blog. Its just so luscious and bewildering. Call it an addiction, I'll try and get over it, and only do it once a day or maybe once every two days. But its just so boring otherwise, well its boring still but i'm typing, lalalala dooo bop bop bob the tomato, larry the cucumber. The same, insane, brain waves are rocking through my head. Someone signed in MSN "Up YoUrS jIvE tUrKeY". wow. how now brown cow. 'Update save file' reading screen. 'Retry' 'Level Select' 'Watch Replay' 'Quit'.
Well I had my first being pissed off mood swing today for a very long time. Can't they just turn around if i'm in a bad mood, oh "Sorry I'm so social" I'm sorry buddy, but is it possible for you to say 'sorry' with out being so sarcastic? And when did you start wanting to talk to Pete anyway. And thats my anger outletting done. Grrrr.
I have now successfully failed History SOSE, whoopdee doo. Its been and gone and I'm over it. Why do we need to know why the English settled Australia? I mean its all good and well that they did and yippee, rejoicing in the streets, but why do we need to know that? And why do we have to make up someones diary but still keep to the facts? It could either be called creative writing or plagiarism. None of these arguement a valid though, all wrong, all could be counter attacked. The debate is lost, just like all our other school ones, Wendy, you so should of gotten best speaker for that last one, you kicked ass, and Alice all I can say is pure brilliance. And to Jo who gave it up because of soccer, and was on the bus that hit me, well done in getting out of it early. And to stupid teachers who say congratulations when we lost, one point three times in a row is still a loss, accept the fact that the school sucks.
and now i'm actually done.


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