Friday, November 21

I never want to go in another bus ever again. I have come to the conclusion after approx. 24hrs in a bus over the last 5 days that I hate buses and believe that those bumming scientists should hurry up and build me a molecule relocation device so that I don't have to go in a bus again. By the way, Tassie was okay. BUT I HATE BUSES! the one we had the floor got really hot because the motor was underneth and so I burnt my foot. and there was heaps of gum everywhere because people are lazy slobs and can't put it in the bin so i just goes everywhere else. RAAAG!! I like jet boating and chocolate but I'm sorry I can't stand buses any more, I pity those who have to catch one to school everyday. If I had wings I would fly away, to where there is no light of day, so I could hide in my own dismay. Paha. pathetic rubbish made from the bus angered mind of... wait for it... CECIL! Yes, according to kaitlyn, I am now cecil.
And I found out that people are jealous of me. Of what is my question exactly. It's amazing what you find out on camps and taking photo's of people who have fallen asleep on each other in lesbian posses on the bbdhbvjkads is hilarious. Suposedly I'm lucky that I don't hate anyone, they don't have to hate someone because they did something, if you do they be even more bumming annoying and you'll loose another friend to talk to. I like talking, but about nothing, if you havn't noticed from my blogs. I'm not one of those everyones my friend person, just, I don't hate them I don't act like I hate them so I give no reason for them to hate me and I should really stop talking about myself, maybe just alittle more. Waving is good to. especially crazy waves, and the mocking of the queen (good for her) waves.

and when is this shakespeare concert?? I want to go dammit, I won't know anyone there but I want to go. It was probally yesterday, just to spite me. ggrrrr, I don't like top bunks on the spirit of tasmania either, (Kaitlyn got the bottom bunk again and its not fair!) but it could be tonight, and if it is tonight I most probally wont be able to go anyway or I will and wont be able to get of my bbdhbvjkads riding, sore, pittiful huge bottom and spend generations at this computer with this as my only connection to the outside world. I moved from the point again. I WANT TO GO! and I'm done.

Well seeing I've been away for 5 days I thought I'd make up for lost space in this magical world of the blog. A worm can roll and stone, a bee can sting a bear, a fly can fly around versilles coz flies don't care, a sparrow in a hat, can make a happy home, a flea can bite the bottom of the pope in rome. Awww memories, GO STEPH GO! It was all you. noicely done. yes, well, I'm still percrastinating (bad spelling) about my music project. Meh, whats the point anyway? To show the skills that you have? Its been done in every other class except history and thats because she has a mental problem where she can't recognise logic. Why do we have to hand in a copy of our good copy in hand writing? How does that show we didn't copy it of the internet? RAGG!! BOBBA! Oh, I was meant to stop that, and saying hurrah, it "doesn't suit me", it doesn't but I like saying it anyway. just coz it doesn't suit me doesn't mean I can't say it, check out fashion for example. no don't, its a scary world where it contradicts itself by saying "retail" and "be different" in the same sentence. Tasmainian radio is bad. I like fudge. I'm writing to Mr No One, do you think his address is in the middle or on the east side of nowhere? paha damn deforming mind of mine, killing me and killing time.

I worked out that it was blogger that was making my computer act like it was on speed , but its easy to fix just by reseting or by just waiting. It just stopped being all speedy!! yay! Wow I feel special.
Its the chocolate!! the chocolate!! LAURA YOUR SHOES! (long story)
I had to keep away from coke and chocolate all week, well i tried, after a day of full on yummy junky (lunch was yuk) food my head decided to explode, defying me of any social practices on the first night. People pretending they care is funny, its always "are you okay?" and if you say no its usually "awww, hope you feel better" and then they walk off. And I'm very sorry Jo for walking off on you near that terrible music, party boat, but I thought when you turned your back you didn't wish to be in my presence, so I disappeared.

Plenary: complete in every respect : absolute, unqualified.
I don't understand that meaning how can it be absolute while being unqualified, wouldn't it be fullyqualified?? Or is a plenary person soo good they don't need qualufacations? And why do I ask so many retorical (I don't think thats to word) questions?


p.s. I don't like salad and ham rolls/sandwitches either

p.s.s. jealous of me?? I don't get it!

p.s.s.s. I just wanted to write a p.s.s.s.


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