Saturday, November 15

Shmell my feet! Why do so many people do gardening on hot days??? Blood and bone (fertilizer) + sweat + dirt + flys = annoying, smelly, unnessecary work that could of been done on an overcast day. My idea if you have one of those biggish freezers is take everything out and put it in the fridge (just in case of selmanella or how ever you spell it) and sit in it with head phones on. Another idea is beach but I'm not a beach person 1. coz I don't like sand for various reasons 2. I'd be burnt to a crisp even with sun-cream. and 3. too many people go to the beach. and so I rest my case. To people how enjoy the beach, good for you, I'm just not a beachy person. I'm more outdoor walking/hiking person. I like trees, trees are cool. There are no trees on the beach. Salt water, yeah I don't like that either.
Yes, well, off the beach. Tasmania tomorrow, birthday tomorrow. I said tasmania first because I'm more excited about that than my birthday. Birthdays are cool but they make me feel alittle greedy. Well, thats me anyway, well part, the other quarter is going "GIVE ME PRESENTS DAMN IT". Meh, another confusing aspect of me. Ahuh. AHHH! computers on speed again, maybe it'll just run out and go back to normal.
Slurpin' on a peach. Dragon, dragon, rock the dragon, dragon ball Z YA! Ol' man on the back porch, old man on the back porch, old man on the back porch, and that old man is me. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS! Absorbent and yellow and pourus is he! SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS! If naughtical nonsence is something you wish
SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS! Then jump on the deck and flop like a fish! mmm water! need water. H2O, H2 NO. Tune out with TWIX. PAT-ATO CHIPS, no more mr nice guy. Was Pat Rafter every really nice? Like yeah he wasn't ever a mean bastard, but nice guys are usually really nice, not average nice. Well, I don't know, e-mail me your ideas at yep, well. And in reading brigie's, sinead's and LE's blog ( I think the ugliest part of the body is the gaps between your toes, but thats just me. Congrats to everyone who aught to be congratulated, hurrah, and you don't have to read mine to say thanks if you don't want to. Not to say that I'm ungrateful to who ever might read this, I'm just saying.... I have no idea wat I'm saying so I better stop.
It's been swell, but the swellings gone down. (love that line). check ya's


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