Saturday, November 22

Well, the new heading I put on stuffed up, so it is back to the old, boring one. But Quixotic Gnome is still here. OH! And I have links, I'm so very proud of myself, go me.
It be a new day. Saturday. Sat (on) ur (arse) day. A day for nothing. Well, I have homework and its my own bloody fault except I want to blame someone else but that wouldn't be right because it is my fault.
Wow, one of my friends signed in with this name, "people are like sausages... its whats under the skin that counts.... so poke them with a fork periodically" I like it, so be careful if you see me with a fork looking all shifty eyed and cunning, not to say that I'm usually not. MUHAHAHA, why does this always end up about me? What about me, it isn't fair, u've had your turn now I want my share, can't you see, I want to live, but you.... just... take.. more... than... you give.... what about me....
Excuse the singing outburst, although there may be various more just ignore them, or sing along. My dad picks the fruit that goes to... and I'll stop there as I shouldn't sing adds. Wic-a-wic-a warrenator. If you love life, then lets have a love life. I'm stuck on pain 'cause pains stuck on me! and yeah, well...
What I don't get is why people can't except that you can change your mind if you want. It shows that you are thinking and not a programable robot. I'm most likely being a bit hypercritical here but meh, so is everyone else so I shall join he club (yay clubs, maces work better). Changing your mind means you've thought it over more and have seen more outcomes, pros and cons. Well thats me being all unrealastically logical so I shall stop pretending Im someone I'm not. I really couldn't bother thinking about what the outcomes could be. and I'll stop now because its about me again.
what about me...



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