Friday, December 5

If your looking for a name you wont find one here. Just coz I wear pants doesn't make me queer. *shakes fist* I am not perfect but at least I'm trying, to change something in the world that won't stop buying.
Cd stuffed up so no music for talk, got an awesome spring wobbly clock from my KK (Thanks ALEX!!=D)got hit by a puck hit by Zohair it didn't hurt but it left a red line that looks like a 'J'. for Jelly cup that I eat everytime I go to 7 11. wibble wobble wibble wobble jelly on a plate. My mind is in a fragile state. Please excuse my lameness today, it was the last day of 9B Fellowship :( shattered, we wore black arm bands and 9C copied. Next year will be all over the place, still don't know electives yet GRR get orginsed school or i shall have to kick you, or bag the school terribly when I have to talk to the future year 7 on monday!! MUHAHAHA

song of the day:Silly songs with Larry (the cucumber!)
If my lips ever left my mouth,
Packed their bags and headed south,
It'd be too bad,
I might be sad.
It'd be too bad?
You might be sad?
It'd be to bad.

If my lips said "Adios"
"I don't like you I think your gross"
It'd be too bad
I might get mad....


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