Thursday, December 4

You wake up in the morning at a quarter to one and you feel like having a bit of fun, you brush ur teeth cch cch chhchh chh chh chhchh. I had to let those dentisty people attack my teeth again today! get out of my mouth!! grr
oh well, after 3 years of chewing that gum we get a $100 myer voucher. We're in the money, la la la. Well! isn't that Swell! erhem, yes, bordem is my second middle name, my first middle name is Renee, but thats besides the point. and now I past the bordem virus to you! MUHAHAHA!! ITS CONTAGIOUS! spelt wrongly of course and I think i'm done for the day.
adios enchalada amegos

song of the day:
Did you write the book of love? and do you have faith in God above, if the bible tells you so. Do you believe in rock 'n' roll, can music save your moral soul, can you teach me how to dance realllllll slow? and I know that your in love with him, coz I saw you dancing in the gym, you both kicked off ya shoes, man I dig those rhythmy bluesss Ooooh, I was a lonely teenage bronken buck, with a pink carnation and a pick up truck, but I new I was outta luck the day... the music.... died, we started singing....


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