Wednesday, December 3

Good day people that are and aren't really there,
Its been an average day in the life of me. I got to play Pete's shocking roulette and got shocked twice, damn electric currents. It feel likes someones pinching your finger. Its quite an interesting concept. And now I continue into the part where I start talking as if someone, possibly you, is still reading after they relised what a waste of time it is reading this. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Lets go fly a kite, or fly a kite, or attack people with pointed sticks. I have a dream...
Ohh, ok, lately stuff in my waking dreams have meant something to someone and one thats been puzzling is "Why did he read them?", if this applies to you. Well, I had a dream about you, *winks and smiles slyly*. how you doin'.
WELL!! *cough cough*. this big vein in my foot pops out when its hot, its all like squishy. Yes, we have no bananas. My arm isn't flaking as I thought it would after the encounter with melted candle wax falling on it making my arms look all crusty. Well I'm done, but in honour of my special song blog, I shall have a song of the day everyday.

Song of the day:
Billy don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life,
Billy don't be a hero, come back and make me your wife.


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