Thursday, October 30

With their tanks and their bombs And their bombs and their guns, In your head, In your head, they are dyin'....
Poor buggers, dunno whats up in my head at the moment but it feels like something up there is dying. Maybe its me. But who is me anyway? Meh. I think I need a hug. My little bit of imaginary tipsyness has worn off and the world is colder on this side. Or it was always cold and someone stole my jumper. This may appear as nonscence, take it as that if you wish, but it is really some of the thoughts flying though my head.....

Wednesday, October 29

ROBYN IS THE BEST! Sorry doing 'tomorrow when the war began' in english and I thought I would share my opinion. Mr Marsden sir, you are a genius. *two thumbs up* YAY! Even though I've read it b4 its still a very exellent book. The only exception is the work we have to do with it. Meh, oh well.
OH YEAH! And Congratulations!! (Why?) 'Cause You Aught To Be, Congratulated!

Monday, October 27

OOOOHHH WAAAHHH! (MacDonalds "Dory" Toy). <---AWESOME SITE! I'M STUCK ON PAIN, 'CAUSE PAIN'S STUCK ON ME! It is alot of fun if you are boreded like I usually am. Meh, people are the best entertainers in my opinion. :D:D
Yes well, If you've noticed I'm in a better mood now, no one gave me a hug though :( I STILL WANT MY HUGS DAMIT! Oh Well how were they suposed to know. READ THIS DAG NAMIT! I'm pouring out my heart! Well not really, I don't want a half empty heart, or would it be half full? :D:D Sorry, love playin' with the minds of others MUHAHAHAHA! yes well, i'm done now, bye! :o thers no nonesence!

Sunday, October 26

Okay there are just a few things that annoy me and stealing the idea off B I'm making a hit list. Muhahaha! Yes well she did steal my poem and no I'm not talented.
1. Teachers who give you work to do that they don't even understand (SOSE!) and when you ask them what it means they say "I already went though that" even if they haven't
2. That make-up brand "Be Yourself" No offence but how exaclty is layering make up on your face being who you really are?
3. People who disrespect others. Like okay, if you feel the need to make fun of someone in that joking way turn it back on you and see how you feel.
4. People who continually say "I'm fat" or "I'm ugly". Sorry to state the odvious but you're not ugly or fat you're beautiful and should be proud of it.
5. Okay, people who dis my freckles. Its not sun cancer and there aren't any mapped constlations on my arm!

Saturday, October 25

Yeah, why am I writing if I have nothing to say, or maybe I do and just can't get to the point. My brain thinks it's going to explode, but shouldn't, so don't worry, it won't splatter brainy goodness on your nicely clean shirt. Meh, who really cares anyway. No one else does so why should I? bang bang maxwell sliver hammer came down on her head, bang bang maxwell sliver hammer we're sure she was dead... in you head, its in your head.....I want the world, I want the whole world, I want to lock it all up in my pocket, it's my bar of chocolate, give it to me now!!!

Friday, October 24

yeah well, me not so happy, don't know why. even twang has lost it's charm.... myeah, well, if you see me I'd really appreciate a hug, or two. or one really big hug.... hmmm...

Thursday, October 23

Alby, you are one of the smartest, funniest guys I know and if that shit school melbourne high can't see that then they don't even deserve to be in your presence! You aren't a pile of turd either!! (I wouldn't hug a pile of turd). So Alby, this is for you....

Today's the day,
where I disappear and fly away.
Can't they see,
that their words are slowly killing me.
My hopes, my dreams are getting tired.
This moment feels so shiiat.
But i won't give in,
I'll live to win.
And they'll regret,
That we only met,
and they,

Tuesday, October 21

*drum roll* . . . . . TA-DA!! ITS MASKING TAPED HAND GIRL! YAY!! WOOHOO! Yeah I got bored and found this massive roll of masking tape and it is now noticably smaller, but my hand bigger :D 89264!! 89264! Translation TWANG!!! YAY!! Sorry i need that happy word to keep me going. When the world shuts me down, when my friends throw me out of town, when a lone rice cracker becomes my only friend, you'll run back for me in the end.... I hope, I wish, I dream, for everything not to turn out as it seems...
yeah well, twang....

Monday, October 20

horseriding+rain+me=AWESOME TIME + sore bottom. ohhhh my sore bottom, how it hurts! My horse was the coolest. GO CHICKO!! TWANG! True happiness cannot be described to its full extent, only experienced. Hero of the year. I loooove being a turtle! mmm pizza. itza itza pitzza and its very yummy! eisykalt ist coca-cola, coca-cola eisykalt. Well something like that, I've only ever sung it, so I don't know how it's spelt. Some german thing we did in P.S. about ice cold coca-cola with a following verse about egg and ham snadwitches. It was fun, lol no sarcasm intended. German has changed since primary soooo much it isn't funny, maybe coz our teacher has a huge attetude problem and everything has to be her way or no way and ooooh lets all sympathise how hard her life must be! She is quite annoying but she gives me good marks so I can't really hate her. ARRG! SHE'S ANNOYING! Yesh well. Be careful as you go, coz little people grow, and little people know, when little people fight, we may look easy pickings but we got some bite!
Hands are really quite perfect things. Okay, have a look at your hands. LOOK AT THEM! I know you're most likley not but I shall continue. Each didgit has its own little unit of nerves and can be moved individually by a series of perfectly balanced muscles planned exaclty where they are needed to move your hand where you want to. How is it possible for atoms to group together and just change or evolve into such a pieces of complex, balanced, pure brilliance? Even over a matter of zillions and zillions years it still seams unbelievible in my opinion,..

Saturday, October 18

Please excuse the last entry, I guess I was being over pesimistic, sorry, nothing comes from complaining. Which brings me back to nonesence! It is something but means nothing! Its brilliant and I love it. Quotes are good too. They're a good thing to help get out of shifty questions that you really don't want to answer like "Soooo, what did YOU do on the weekend with your hot hunk of spunk? eh??", e.g. relpy "How do I know I can trust you?" And do the shifty eye thing with the moving of eyebrows. It either scares them and they move on or they start to believe that something happened and ask more questions in which you laugh (tehehe) and skip away smiling and singing "I know something you don't know and I'm not going to tell you". Yes or that would just be one of those plans which are fun to think about but you'd never actually do. Well I dun have a hot hunk of spunk atm (the one hiding in my closet found the secret passage to Narina and never came back) so I don't think anyone would ask me that question in the first place =S.
Well, yes, I will be going now... But beware, WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! WE LIVE WHERE YOU LIVE! HAHAHAHA! (go Joe's Apartment cockroach dudes!)

Friday, October 17

Yes, it is sad. It is 8:25pm and where am I??? Hidden away in the computer room. Yep, I have no social life, so here I write into cyberspace that will never listen or respond. Its a wonder why people even bother publishing things on the net, they say "to hear their message heard", but you know what? NO ONES LISTENING!! Its a huge, deep, dark pit were the thoughts of meaningless little people spin around and around only to be picked up by mistake and tossed back into the horrible void it came from. I have no idea why I even write here. AHHH! man! I don't like this! Its seems I question everything with a reason, and if it doesn't then I question it even more and its no fun on the brain waves man, its no fun. Maybe I shouldn't question at at all, maybe I should just toss it back into the deep pit of cyberspace....
Don't you just HATE it when you do a big poop and the person before you only left one or two pieces of toliet paper?? It is very annoying. My advise, always check the roll first. Also don't wear black socks on hot days 1. because black absorbs heat ur feet get hotter, 2. if you feet are hot they sweat more which = smelly feet and 3. it leaves black pieces of fluff stuck to your foot which gets right inbetween your toes. TOE JAM! yummy. Rubber Ducky, joy of joys, when I squeese you, you make noise. everyday when I, make my way to the tuuuuubbbbbyyy, I find a little fella who's, cute and yellow and chuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbyyyyy.
Ernie is the best!!! WOOOHOOO!! Berts okay. Doin' the * * PIGEON!!

Thursday, October 16

Yeah I thought I'd put abit more poetry/depth in here. maybe I'm just bored and have to get this stuff outta my head. meh, i don't know....

the weakening spirit,
of a girl that is lost,
in all of her days,
and in all the miles she's crossed,
she thinks she's never found love...

she cries out,
for the kindness of any,
no one helps,
though 'round her are many,
she'll never beleive in love...

huddled in a corner,
wrapped in all that she owns,
eyes squeezed shut, she prays,
wishing she had a home,
somewhere where she could love...

the night grows cold,
her breathing lenghtens,
she knows who she is,
but keeps on forgetting,
that she has someones love...

the day begins,
she thanks the sun for shining,
her eyes are red and puffy,
u know that she's been crying,
hoping for someones love...

she keeps hoping and wishing,
never getting, but giving,
hope to all around her.
she smiles so weakly,
not harshly, a little sweetly,
her hope beams a little brighter.
because she remembered love...
Good evening fellow bloggers, tehehe that sounded funny. Yes, well. AHHH! again with the "yes, well"'s, I'll have to think of something different. hmmmm. Anywho, nah, anyway, nup, oookaaaaaayy moving on now, nope, WHO REALLY CARES ANYWAY!! oooh! I like that one! well, I'm not going to say well, yes anymore except for that one occasion. Moving on, hey, what about the day! Forever and ever you'll stay in my heart and I will love you, forever and ever.... sorry my sister was singing. No the original of coursem the one of "my best friends wedding", yes, I have mixed opinions on that movie.... "don't push the red button" "wah?" "The red button!" "Oh!" *push* "AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!", push the button, don't push the button, push the button, don't push the button, trip the station, change channel. yes wanywho, funny, honey, honey hmmmm tasting good, tasting fine, funny, honey, honey, you know your on my mind! But then there is always that stray chocolate thought, or that ice-cream that I just bought, but oooooh funny, honey, honey, you taste so sweet to me. THAT IS ACTUALLY ABOUT HONEY! Not some love affair I have with some sexy beast with rippling muscles and a huge personality hiding in my closet. Aww man got to stop watching day time soapies when I'm home, they really polute your mind. Yes well theres alot of emtpy space in my mind so it shouldn't matter that much. Brad! I'm mad, for you too... Ohh! I have to go check my sexy beast hasn't escaped!

Wednesday, October 15

Oh! Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Mushroom, mushroom! YAY! Ah its a snake! yes, well that is off a little animation on the net about badgers. Its really funny and gets stuck in your head quite easily.! yeah! badger, badger, yes okay, I'll stop. TWANG! tehehe. Today, if you live in the forest hill - burwood area, you would of noticed the torrential rain between 3:30-4:00 and then a little to follow later. Guess who was walking home at around 3:30?? MEE!!! I greatly sympathise anyone else who got trapped in the rain, but it was actually quite nice. I haven't been that wet with clothes on since I was 10! That didn't come out right, I'm not a bare-bottom rain dancer, ahhhh.... I think I'll say no more and hope no one ever reads this. I would just delete it but these are thoughts and you just can't erase thoughts. badger, badger, badger....sorry, impulse.
Poopsie-Apple Shorts!
AHH!! If you just came from B's Blog hello! (If not, hers is I Am Poopsie-Apple Shorts! I didn't know she was going to tell people my blog. I thought it was going to live in cyberspace for all its exsistance and never be read, but hey, nice to see you! Well, no exacltly see you, I don't even know if you're really reading this, are you? AHH!! Yes, well, I say that alot, well, don't read the thing about eating reused human flesh if you are eating. Well its not that discusting, its just disturbing. well I thought I would warn you.
Chicken atoms, chicken atoms, chicken atoms in my apple! AHH! somethings in science you don't want to know about, like how the atoms and energy for dead animals and their poop end up being reused by trees, which includes trees thats bare fruit which we eat! If someone was buried next to an apple tree, after the decomposers did their work, the apple tree would take up nutients and atoms and energy from the dead body and use it!! WE COULD BE EATING HUMAN FLESH!!! AHHH!! I'M A CANIBAL!! Well maybe not to that extreme. But did you really need to know that? No, but its not nonesence!! NOOO!!!! OOOHHH!! One fine day with a woof and a purr a baby was born and it caused a little stir, no blue buzzard, no three-eyed frog, but a feline-canine little catdog. CATTTTTDOOOOOOOOOGGGGGG! CAAAAAAATTDOOOOOOOGGGG! Alone in the world is a little catdog!
We could be heroes, forever and ever! We could be heroes just for one day! ONE MORE DAY!! Optimistic! Me like! I got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart, where?, down in my heart! where? down in my heart! I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, where? down in my heart to stay! YAY!
Anywho, to who ever may read this, (well to everyone really, who would read this??) I LOVE YOU! MWAH! And if you're a complete stranger I don't care! I love you all! WAH!!! HUGS FOR EVERYONE!!! *hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug*
If you smile, just for a while, other people too, will smile back at you! :D:D:D

Tuesday, October 14

ONE MORE DAY!! ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DESTINY! Yes, *cough* well we're doing Les Mis in music, its pretty good, it's a musical with depth! :o surprising!(not sarcasm) yeah well I thought it was very inspirational. WEll yes so thats wat I'm going to write today, somethig with depth, but don't you fret, nonesence will be back! Yes well here is something written by me, it has depth but is incomplete so yeah hmmm.....

Frozen in my shoes.
But what have a really got to lose?
A life in which no one cares?
A life in which it's truth who dares?
They can go on living,
I'm getting tired of giving,
They can go on looking up there nose,
On those who opose,
The way the world spins,
How only the lucky ones win.
I'll go on drowing in my place,
Where I'm the only1 without a face,
Forgetting the memories of why,
Maybe I'm just getting tired,
Someones yelling in my ear,
But I don't want to hear,
Shut their mouth, shut them out,
What they got to complain about?
Drowning in air that keeps them alive,
Have they felt the quench to die?

Monday, October 13

Who you gonna call?? GHOSTBUSTERS!! or me! call me! Well if you already have my number please do, I'd appriciated it. Hi my name is Frances and I haven't used the phone in around 3 days now. Yay! No radiation going through my head!! Tell all my friends I'm dead....

Saturday, October 11

TWANG! If you say it right, you smile, if you don't say it right you don't deserve to smile! Sorry but if you do say it right the corners of your lips go up and yeah, start the craze!! TWANG TWANG!! yay! :D yes well, first entry. Hmmm, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?? well? 4? that all? ok, thats a pretty lazy woodchuck then. Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy Jane. She wants a drink of water, so she waits and waits and waits and waits and waits for it to rain. Awww, anyone do that in primary school? TWANG!