Saturday, November 29

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock. Jingle bells swing and jingle bells
ring. Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun. Now the jingle hop has begun.
December tomorrow. Hmmm. I GOT A VENUS FLY TRAP FROM MY BESTEST BUD KATE! yay! it is soo cool, but all of them are closed coz ppl were playing with them and seeing if they would close on their fingers. Its the coolest and some of them look like they have red lips. Rebuilding bridges in your mind, your eagerness now is on the line. Sorry, listening to radio, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Too many ads. Kelly just got back from netball, they lost the semi final. bother. Oh well, I think they still got another chance, hmm. Consider this, consider this, the hint of the century, consider this, the slip that brought me, to my knees failed, what if all these fantasies, come flailing around, now I've said too much....
You like potato and I like potarto, you like tomato and I like tomarto, potato, potarto, tomato, tomarto, let's call the whole thing off.

Thursday, November 27

Yep, I am obsesed with this blog. Its just so luscious and bewildering. Call it an addiction, I'll try and get over it, and only do it once a day or maybe once every two days. But its just so boring otherwise, well its boring still but i'm typing, lalalala dooo bop bop bob the tomato, larry the cucumber. The same, insane, brain waves are rocking through my head. Someone signed in MSN "Up YoUrS jIvE tUrKeY". wow. how now brown cow. 'Update save file' reading screen. 'Retry' 'Level Select' 'Watch Replay' 'Quit'.
Well I had my first being pissed off mood swing today for a very long time. Can't they just turn around if i'm in a bad mood, oh "Sorry I'm so social" I'm sorry buddy, but is it possible for you to say 'sorry' with out being so sarcastic? And when did you start wanting to talk to Pete anyway. And thats my anger outletting done. Grrrr.
I have now successfully failed History SOSE, whoopdee doo. Its been and gone and I'm over it. Why do we need to know why the English settled Australia? I mean its all good and well that they did and yippee, rejoicing in the streets, but why do we need to know that? And why do we have to make up someones diary but still keep to the facts? It could either be called creative writing or plagiarism. None of these arguement a valid though, all wrong, all could be counter attacked. The debate is lost, just like all our other school ones, Wendy, you so should of gotten best speaker for that last one, you kicked ass, and Alice all I can say is pure brilliance. And to Jo who gave it up because of soccer, and was on the bus that hit me, well done in getting out of it early. And to stupid teachers who say congratulations when we lost, one point three times in a row is still a loss, accept the fact that the school sucks.
and now i'm actually done.

Wednesday, November 26

I slowly burn,
From the inside out,
No one cares,
They just want to know what its about.

Suddenly hot goes to cold,
I start to freeze,
now frozen over,
could I just have one hug please?

But if you can't be bothered,
Don't mind me,
I don't care,
I'll go on pretending to be happy...

Laughing at the sky
Shapah doo daa, and continuing with the vocal solo with the pah dee da dooop. While the sun isn't shining, the whole world is whineing, but me, I'm singing. I don't like being the only year 9 on music camp, it sucks. Its now that part of the show where Larry sings a silly song. Oh Barbara Manatee, you are the one for me, sent from up above, you are the one I love. i don't like peas. The Queen of hearts, she made some tarts, all on a summers day, the naive of hearts, he stole those tarts and took them right away. or some variation. I would like an e-mail, and e-mail pLAease! Anything from politics to your favourite type of cheese. or you could tell me to shut up and stop watsing my time trying to make everything rhyme. that one was a mistake. and I'm done.

P.S. How funky is your chicken? How funky is your chicken? How loose is your goose? Our goose is totally loose! hurrah for pointless chants!

Sunday, November 23

. . . dot dot dot don't know whats up, so don't bother askin'. The Jean Genie lives on his back. The Jean Genie loves chimney stacks. He's outrageous, he screams and he bawls. Jean Genie let yourself go!
Shmeh thought it was a comitment to write so I did, and now I'm gone.
Thats the time you must keep on trying, Smile, whats the use of crying, You'll find that life is still worthwhile, If youll just Smile...
Its Jaskson Michael not Michael Jackson

Saturday, November 22

What am I doing anyway,
I don't really know,
So I will go,
So away I shall fade,
Into the lies I made,
Into the time that will be yesterday.

It took me awhile to tear,
At the seems,
For all it means,
I'll remember you there,
As you were,
At the time you cared.

Woof, woof, meow.
Run slow run fast,
Forever it'll last
Burning legs, sweating brow,
Got to keep up no matter how,
Run, run, fly away now.

So now I disappear,
Forget me,
You never met me,
Into yesterday, into yesteryear,
I'm not fine but have no fear,
Only thing left will be my tear.
its five to 3, someone is bored and that person is me....
Well, the new heading I put on stuffed up, so it is back to the old, boring one. But Quixotic Gnome is still here. OH! And I have links, I'm so very proud of myself, go me.
It be a new day. Saturday. Sat (on) ur (arse) day. A day for nothing. Well, I have homework and its my own bloody fault except I want to blame someone else but that wouldn't be right because it is my fault.
Wow, one of my friends signed in with this name, "people are like sausages... its whats under the skin that counts.... so poke them with a fork periodically" I like it, so be careful if you see me with a fork looking all shifty eyed and cunning, not to say that I'm usually not. MUHAHAHA, why does this always end up about me? What about me, it isn't fair, u've had your turn now I want my share, can't you see, I want to live, but you.... just... take.. more... than... you give.... what about me....
Excuse the singing outburst, although there may be various more just ignore them, or sing along. My dad picks the fruit that goes to... and I'll stop there as I shouldn't sing adds. Wic-a-wic-a warrenator. If you love life, then lets have a love life. I'm stuck on pain 'cause pains stuck on me! and yeah, well...
What I don't get is why people can't except that you can change your mind if you want. It shows that you are thinking and not a programable robot. I'm most likely being a bit hypercritical here but meh, so is everyone else so I shall join he club (yay clubs, maces work better). Changing your mind means you've thought it over more and have seen more outcomes, pros and cons. Well thats me being all unrealastically logical so I shall stop pretending Im someone I'm not. I really couldn't bother thinking about what the outcomes could be. and I'll stop now because its about me again.
what about me...


Friday, November 21

Somebody come and play
Somebody come and play today
Somebody come and be my friend
And watch the sun 'til it rains again
Somebody come and play.... today

Somebody come and play
Somebody come and play today
Somebody come and smile the smiles
And sing the songs, it won't take long
Somebody come and play.... today

Joe Raposo
Ross is a hole (in tassie) with faulty toilet doors. (its also my brother lol)
I never want to go in another bus ever again. I have come to the conclusion after approx. 24hrs in a bus over the last 5 days that I hate buses and believe that those bumming scientists should hurry up and build me a molecule relocation device so that I don't have to go in a bus again. By the way, Tassie was okay. BUT I HATE BUSES! the one we had the floor got really hot because the motor was underneth and so I burnt my foot. and there was heaps of gum everywhere because people are lazy slobs and can't put it in the bin so i just goes everywhere else. RAAAG!! I like jet boating and chocolate but I'm sorry I can't stand buses any more, I pity those who have to catch one to school everyday. If I had wings I would fly away, to where there is no light of day, so I could hide in my own dismay. Paha. pathetic rubbish made from the bus angered mind of... wait for it... CECIL! Yes, according to kaitlyn, I am now cecil.
And I found out that people are jealous of me. Of what is my question exactly. It's amazing what you find out on camps and taking photo's of people who have fallen asleep on each other in lesbian posses on the bbdhbvjkads is hilarious. Suposedly I'm lucky that I don't hate anyone, they don't have to hate someone because they did something, if you do they be even more bumming annoying and you'll loose another friend to talk to. I like talking, but about nothing, if you havn't noticed from my blogs. I'm not one of those everyones my friend person, just, I don't hate them I don't act like I hate them so I give no reason for them to hate me and I should really stop talking about myself, maybe just alittle more. Waving is good to. especially crazy waves, and the mocking of the queen (good for her) waves.

and when is this shakespeare concert?? I want to go dammit, I won't know anyone there but I want to go. It was probally yesterday, just to spite me. ggrrrr, I don't like top bunks on the spirit of tasmania either, (Kaitlyn got the bottom bunk again and its not fair!) but it could be tonight, and if it is tonight I most probally wont be able to go anyway or I will and wont be able to get of my bbdhbvjkads riding, sore, pittiful huge bottom and spend generations at this computer with this as my only connection to the outside world. I moved from the point again. I WANT TO GO! and I'm done.

Well seeing I've been away for 5 days I thought I'd make up for lost space in this magical world of the blog. A worm can roll and stone, a bee can sting a bear, a fly can fly around versilles coz flies don't care, a sparrow in a hat, can make a happy home, a flea can bite the bottom of the pope in rome. Awww memories, GO STEPH GO! It was all you. noicely done. yes, well, I'm still percrastinating (bad spelling) about my music project. Meh, whats the point anyway? To show the skills that you have? Its been done in every other class except history and thats because she has a mental problem where she can't recognise logic. Why do we have to hand in a copy of our good copy in hand writing? How does that show we didn't copy it of the internet? RAGG!! BOBBA! Oh, I was meant to stop that, and saying hurrah, it "doesn't suit me", it doesn't but I like saying it anyway. just coz it doesn't suit me doesn't mean I can't say it, check out fashion for example. no don't, its a scary world where it contradicts itself by saying "retail" and "be different" in the same sentence. Tasmainian radio is bad. I like fudge. I'm writing to Mr No One, do you think his address is in the middle or on the east side of nowhere? paha damn deforming mind of mine, killing me and killing time.

I worked out that it was blogger that was making my computer act like it was on speed , but its easy to fix just by reseting or by just waiting. It just stopped being all speedy!! yay! Wow I feel special.
Its the chocolate!! the chocolate!! LAURA YOUR SHOES! (long story)
I had to keep away from coke and chocolate all week, well i tried, after a day of full on yummy junky (lunch was yuk) food my head decided to explode, defying me of any social practices on the first night. People pretending they care is funny, its always "are you okay?" and if you say no its usually "awww, hope you feel better" and then they walk off. And I'm very sorry Jo for walking off on you near that terrible music, party boat, but I thought when you turned your back you didn't wish to be in my presence, so I disappeared.

Plenary: complete in every respect : absolute, unqualified.
I don't understand that meaning how can it be absolute while being unqualified, wouldn't it be fullyqualified?? Or is a plenary person soo good they don't need qualufacations? And why do I ask so many retorical (I don't think thats to word) questions?


p.s. I don't like salad and ham rolls/sandwitches either

p.s.s. jealous of me?? I don't get it!

p.s.s.s. I just wanted to write a p.s.s.s.

Sunday, November 16

Well, happy birthday to me, hurrah, I know I'm excited.... yeah its pretty boring. CAMP!!! CAMP!!! 1 hour til we leave in a bus. WOW yeah, just though tI would wirte to say good bye. I'll miss you for a whole week, unless I get really lucky and scab a computer or get really sick and come back home =(. hopefully not. well catch ya's.

Saturday, November 15

Shmell my feet! Why do so many people do gardening on hot days??? Blood and bone (fertilizer) + sweat + dirt + flys = annoying, smelly, unnessecary work that could of been done on an overcast day. My idea if you have one of those biggish freezers is take everything out and put it in the fridge (just in case of selmanella or how ever you spell it) and sit in it with head phones on. Another idea is beach but I'm not a beach person 1. coz I don't like sand for various reasons 2. I'd be burnt to a crisp even with sun-cream. and 3. too many people go to the beach. and so I rest my case. To people how enjoy the beach, good for you, I'm just not a beachy person. I'm more outdoor walking/hiking person. I like trees, trees are cool. There are no trees on the beach. Salt water, yeah I don't like that either.
Yes, well, off the beach. Tasmania tomorrow, birthday tomorrow. I said tasmania first because I'm more excited about that than my birthday. Birthdays are cool but they make me feel alittle greedy. Well, thats me anyway, well part, the other quarter is going "GIVE ME PRESENTS DAMN IT". Meh, another confusing aspect of me. Ahuh. AHHH! computers on speed again, maybe it'll just run out and go back to normal.
Slurpin' on a peach. Dragon, dragon, rock the dragon, dragon ball Z YA! Ol' man on the back porch, old man on the back porch, old man on the back porch, and that old man is me. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS! Absorbent and yellow and pourus is he! SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS! If naughtical nonsence is something you wish
SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS! Then jump on the deck and flop like a fish! mmm water! need water. H2O, H2 NO. Tune out with TWIX. PAT-ATO CHIPS, no more mr nice guy. Was Pat Rafter every really nice? Like yeah he wasn't ever a mean bastard, but nice guys are usually really nice, not average nice. Well, I don't know, e-mail me your ideas at yep, well. And in reading brigie's, sinead's and LE's blog ( I think the ugliest part of the body is the gaps between your toes, but thats just me. Congrats to everyone who aught to be congratulated, hurrah, and you don't have to read mine to say thanks if you don't want to. Not to say that I'm ungrateful to who ever might read this, I'm just saying.... I have no idea wat I'm saying so I better stop.
It's been swell, but the swellings gone down. (love that line). check ya's
OH!! FAR OUT! I repeat that add yesterday!! I REAL DO WANT MY CLOTHES OFF!! (um well yeah) IT'S IS SO HOT! I'm boiling in my skin, so you can wear the dormio grin. I went outside with a think layer of sunscreen for 20mins or so and I still got burnt!! grr. This isn't my week. And now my computer is acting as if it's on acid and going really fast, the clock is going wack. 1 real min = 5 wacked on amphemenines mins. But who cares, even computers need alittle fun. So I shall keep on writing! hurrah! You aught to be congratulated. I'm lovin' it but my thighs aren't. I better go reset my computer b4 it blows up.

Friday, November 14

i want my...clothes off!
i want my...bath tub!
and the water!
i want matey!!

awesome little ad, man, advertising's changed.
Well I am NOT PLEASED! I've had a migrain like everyday this week and it might mean I don't go to Tassie!! NOT HAPPY JAN! I wanna go to tasmania, even though its quite a hole, but still. GO AWAY MIGRAINS I DON'T LIKE YOU!! They probally don't like me so why don't they go away?
Enough of my complaining, I'll proabally get to go and have lots of fun and throw ppl off the spirit of... I mean lots of fun throwing rocks at... Ahhh not throwing anything or throwing up. Yes, well having fun, and buying lotsa chocolate and eating it all in a giant feast with everyone. mmmm chocolate, wait NO! not good for migrains! DAMN YOU MIGRAIN!! *shakes fist in the air*

Wednesday, November 12

Pajama Giraffes. They are my giraffes not yours, being all splodgie as they are. purple background. Me want milk and cookies. Well not milk, I dun like milk, maybe if its chocolate milk. mmm cookies, cookies are good though espesically subway double choc cookies. Boy, I could eat them all day, not with a sub aswell though, otherwise I'd be sick, and thats never noice. Even more if its avacardo sick, its like pea soup thats... well you get the picture, not very pretty. well, COOKIES ARE YUMMY! C is for cookie that good enough for me, C is for cookies thats good enough for me, oh cookie cookie cookie starts with C.
little dune buggy in the sand, little dune buggy in my hand. wow, my bro Jason is so cool (ross is cool too but yeah), he GAVE me his Presidents of the usa albums, both of them! Now I shall take the rest of his CD's! muhahaha! they will be mine! Nah I wouldn't steal them, maybe borrow them without his knowledge, but I would return them eventually. with his fuzzy little toey-oh-oh-oh.

Tuesday, November 11

I feel so proud, I have met all challenges with flying colours, I can make a rhyming poem out of anything. But most of them are crap, but they still rhyme! and yeah, the best was about a pineapple that came from a tree.
Hello, Mr Pineapple why are you up so high?
Don't you know you belong on the ground?
I don't know how you climbed up there,
We're missing you, so come back down.

Sunday, November 9

Hangin' out, down the street, the same old thing, that we did last week.
WOO HOO! "I'm so excited I think I need the toliet"
Happiness is like peeing your pants: Everyone can see it but only you can feel its warmth.
"If peeing your pants is cool consider me miles davis" (lady from billy madison)
Back to school! Back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool! I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight!
My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.
Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy. (good ol' Albert Einstein)
Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!
Look, it's been swell, but the swelling's gone down.
If I'm not back in five minutes... wait longer!
I got to disappear now.
Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye, crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess, boy, you've been a naughty girl, you let your knickers down.
Do you know what thats from? the chorus should give it away, and if you still don't know you need and injection of musical culture.
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen, I am the walrus, Goo goo g'joob.
Many people think it is "coo coo ca choo", although it may sound like it, it is not, and you shouldn't change lyrics to one of the greaters in music unless it is a parody I which you change everything or if it is already a parody, cause then it would probally end up like the original and that would be weird.
Misjudgement in philosophy,
Messing up the mind of me.
Defying laws of gravity,
Withstanding the water of the sea.
Changing everything as it seems,
Only to realise they were waking dreams....

Saturday, November 8

go brigie, go brigie, go, go, go brigie. Tell those stuffed up, putter downerers to go away rudely! I would but its just one of my morals with those kinda o whatever. FUCK OFF YOU CREEPS AND LEAVE BRIGIE ALONE! You shall be poked in the kidneys for ever more! tehehe! i mean MUHAHAHA!! yay! well I showed them with my bold letters posted on the internet. and I think if any does choose to start up my fan club they have to change the name to the mystic spiral caral club, cause they rock more than me, and its a caral. Oh bobba, I've written 3 times in one day. LOOK AT MY LIFE! and I actually did stuff today. Which is quite strange, but no fear none was music homework due in friday, i mean friday week.....
and i'm going to start up the "go brigie" rant again coz its cool and she rocks! YAY! go brigie, go brigie, go, go, go brigie.
me feel happier now and I really couldn't damn well care if you noticed or cared. peace out people of the generation.
not happy jan. I'm sorry but I can't deliever nonscence at the moment. not in the best of moods. can't people just not catgorise others? Are people really that shallow? So what if they are different from you! You're different from everyone else. did you ever think of that? Appearance isn't anything. If you're head is going to explode because you don't want to do something because of how it would look who seriously cares? What happens if you're head explodes? YOU DIE! death appearance. hard to weigh up eh?
Far out, I'd really like a hug.

You saw the red,
You saw the blue,
Inside my head,
Confusion grew,
I closed up,
but you still saw through.
Don't leave me coz I'm different,
Stay because you are too....
I apologise for the last couple of days for I promised noncence and did not deliever. I want chicken, I want liver, meow mix, meow mix, please deliver! If knowledge is power, and ignorance is bliss what are we meant to do in life? twidle your thumbs? skim rock on a lake? dominate the world? create your own blog? happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy. YAY! hey for anyone who may every read this I'm planning on making FREE custom made, braclet, wrist-hugging, fabic thingys. and they shall be free... conditions apply. So if you want to know what on earth I'm on about contact me saying "WANT ON EARTH ARE YOU ON ABOUT" and I'll understand and smile and nod my head and go "thats nice dear" . No I'll reply properly and possibly make you one.
patchwork made at the hands, forming something within the strands, it was once nothing, now something, just strange and interesting.
ha i reread that and I realised how lame it sounds. oooh man, do all my others sound as bad as that? oooh bobba. Oh well. Hugs and prayers out to anyone who ain't feeling too special. YOU ARE SPECIAL AND YOU SHOULD BE DAMN WELL PROUD OF IT!! If anyone owns a bible, please don't stone me for saying this, Psalm 91 is a good read if your not feeling your best.

When the rain comes it seems that everyone has gone away, when the night falls you wonder if you shouldn't find a place, to run and hide, but hidings such a lonely thing to do.... THIRD DAY! luv yas mate.
if you feel like hiding come hide with moi! "so we can be all steamy and thriffty at the same time". no, not really, sorry guys. Yeah, hiding is pretty lonely, join me so I shall not be lonely, but then I'll probally not be hiding if people knew where I am, unless you're playing sardines, but thats a completely different matter...

Friday, November 7

a b c d e f g h i am go ing to scream. I scream you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! mmm ice cream. one of the rewards in life at the moment. LOVE ME DAMNIT! green balloon? Oh well, a blue balloon is a maybe, maybe, maybe not. pick my nose, yellow snot. sorry msn convos mmixing up in my head. I feel better now if anyone cares, excuse my last impulse, on-the-spot poem. It is actually quite gloomy.
what happens when the mind shuts down?
when the gun goes off splattering guts on the ground?
drowning in your own blood, whats the cause of death?
just because someone hated you at your best....

Thursday, November 6

and so I shall soon fade into the past...

Wednesday, November 5

blog blog blogging blogg-e-dy blog. spot spot spotty spotty spot spot. repeat repeat.
YES I'M EXTREMELY BOREDED!! Although I feel special cause i'm talking to 4 people at once in proper conversations. not just the "hi""hi""how r u?""good and u?""yep i'm good""thats good"
NO!! down to 3. Jo left. but thats still three!!no! 2 have stopped! aww no one likes me. Atleast Alby still talks to me. HI ALBY!! HOWS IT DOING HOTTIE!! lol he'll never read it. heap of yr 8 girls he's known for like a week are asking him out. His reaction is hillarious. OHh g2g now have to set the table.

Tuesday, November 4

Continuing with my hit list. B, u r a genius, this is a great idea and a good waste of time. =D=D Not like you'd read this lol! ha thas funny. Oh! and thank you Jo for waking up so we could watch movies!! Its was awesome!

6. People who have every conversation all about them. Okay, for people listening who aren't also talking about themselves it is pretty boring, open your eyes and look around. THEY ARE YAWNING!
7. Those people who think they're being nice when they say hello on msn and dont say another word.
8. Me, cause i just annoy myself and others sometimes by inconsiderant things that come out of my mouth. Even though people say I don't, I do and I notice it.
9. People who say I should swear more. FUCK OFF! is that enough for you? Now I shall refer to my "sugars" and "far out"

"Easy for you to say! You didn't just eat 4 poisoned waffles!"
"WOW!! I mean wow what a funny joke!"
Yes, we are watching the Daria movie again. ahhh goodness, it so good.
"Isn't golf for old people who dress funny?"
"Do you get to ring the bell that goes ding-a-ling-a-ling.... a-ling?"
Its fun! I'm doing nothing! Hopefully someone would wake up or atleast get out of bed!! I'm all alone, nobody is here, besides me.....

Monday, November 3

The Daria Movie is probally the only decent video we actually own, well the labrynth is pretty cool too, tehehe Davie Bowie is a ledge in those tights. anyway, daria movie, seeing it is the only decent video shining in it's pure brilliance, my sister and I have watched nearly 15 times in the last month. "yo ho ho jolly green babe!". "Oh Kevy! You're so spidery!" moo ha ha, briliance. I like it.
OH!! And I got a hair cut and I love it! Its like 15cm shorter and is around chin length and is longer at the front than at the back and yes. Its short. My mum is soooo talented!
Brilliance, pure brilliance mate. Nothing to say today, awesome party friday night for Halloween. And now I shall submerge into my homework and become a hermit. what a change! lol. Maybe I could actually get it done, but then wat would happen to my perfectly planned percrastination? I think I spelt that wrong but 'meh!'. Forget the words, forget what was said, I'm just the messenger between you and my head.
Sorry, but I need an outlet for my creativity (If thats wat you call it) and this is the place to do it. Yes and to note, teachers don't appreciate art, neither words nor pictures being outletted on tables. Its not graffiti! and if it passes on alittle smile then what trouble is it causing? NOTHING! Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage, then someone will say what is lost can never be saved...

Sunday, November 2

-The last few weeks have been a bit weird, I kept getting these blocks of bad stuff in my head. Neither relevent or real but it just really gets grabs of your emotions and throws them against a wall. Like a fake life or maybe and interpretation of how someone else is living. Its not a nice feeling but it opens your eyes to somethings like God. God is and awesome god and he will always be there and always love you. I guess I was missing this point when I went down the river of another life. So if anyone out there isn't feeling too crash hot just remember that and I send out all my hugs to you *hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug*!! :D:D
Nonscence may be back, most likely will, but I just thought I'd share it with all of who read this, lol, the only one is me.