Sunday, February 29

oooh, and it makes me wonder. ohhh, your head is humming and it won't go
in case you don't know, the piper's calling you to join him, dear lady, can you hear the wind blow...

It is the day of sun, a sunny day. I don't get to go to smorgy's with friends, I get to go to my grandma's with family. Dunno if thats a good or bad thing, I don't like smorgys but I like friends. Meh. I .... just lost my train of thought. Bummer.
I have to do home work now, apply for work experience at the coroners court. I wrote to 4 different forensic places and all rejected me. Because of the "nature of their work". Well I don't like them either.
Anyway, cooling off, adios

Friday, February 27

Not to name names of nameless people

When we left the movie show the future wasn't bright, but came the dawn the show goes on and I don't want to say good night! So say good morning! Good MORNING! Well actually good evening, but hey, no technicallities.
How are we all? I'm very good after my hour and a bit of patchwork therapy. Its really good, as long as you have different colours and good music. Very good music. Yes. My patchwork is now around 30cm by 15cm or so. And not its not quilting patchwork its patchwork patchwork as in scrap stuff, unfortuantly no florals. Damn. Well yes, lacking things to say.
awww esky wants to get out via the window. He reached up for it and meowed really cutely. Aww he's gone away now. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. GUY SO RUINED THAT SONG! You can not beat Louis Armstrong so don't try and ruin his songs. Yes, well I know you know the way to San Jose.
I found a way, a way make, a stand...

Wednesday, February 25

35/36 for our drama improvisation assesment. I feel so good about that. I got to be a two faced, snobby, shop assistant; a sexist, sleazy guy on a double date who hit on the the other couple of lesbians while his girlfriend was next to him; and the good guy in a western that dies because the bad guy cheated, but then she got shot too by the indian. Tehehe, in the western all the girls played male roles and Pat, the only guy, played the damsel in distress.
OH! The double date in the restaurant was the best. tehehe funny, but I had to be soo sexist. It made me feel unclean. "I think I want some chicken brrrreast".
Yeah well, hmmm, how are you today? Yes I am asking you. Well I had double german to start off today, so that dragged down my morning but brought me to make a new song. That mainly consisted of "Gemüse" 9 times then "Obst" and then "Sissigkeiter" to finish it off. But I couldn't, pronounce that sissig one. anyway, tennis training g2g now adios

Sunday, February 22

My box of one-way mirrors. I can see out, but they can't see in. All they can see is a reflection of themselves, fat or thin. They strike a pose and smile,
and pick at their teeth for awhile. They don't know I'm here, having to live through a life that isn't my own. Wishing for a brick to shatter my cubic home. The glass would break and fall, scraching scars in me, but it wouldn't matter because I'd finally be free. But then people would be able to see the differences in me. Is that what I really want? Just to be another subject for people to taunt?

Not about me, although its written in first person.
Don't be the one too afraid to fall, that lives life like watching TV.

Saturday, February 21

Good Afternoon Ms Bloggedy-blu, how are we all on this wonderously cloudy Saturday? All the stranges came today, and it looks like that they are here to stay. Hope you're mentally, phsyically and emotionally happy. or at least one of the above.
Theres an opera thing on TV, and I've never really been intrested in opera, but it gains my interest now because of the translation, the lyrics are awesome.
I showed Naomi my little book of my... erm, poems? and she said it it was really surprising coz she didn't think I had a "suicidal streak" or dark side. Both of which I argued with. I don't think its that dark, is it? Well Its not ment to be, so it shouldn't. The only really dark one was that one about ripping out someones neck flesh and that wasn't in it. awww, I'm not suicidial damnit! I just write more about the crappyness then the goodness, because the goodness deserves to be lived not written about, and noone should have to go through the crappyness. Yeah, well, or something along those lines. awww. Don't ask me whats going though my head, I honestly don't know, well maybe just not at the moment. Me go now. Byezybyez

I know a girl who waits, all her life, she's been waiting in shame, anticipating a change she can't explain. Don't let me seem so, don't let me feel so... down.
Theres a better way, theres a better way...

Thursday, February 19

The question is: How can such a good day make me feel so crap?
The Answer? It doesn't exsist.
I got my little kids today, some are brats, but what can you expect? I just don't know whether they'll be more or less brattish once we're done with them.
Meh, and I forgot my trumpet lesson period 5 because i was so excited about english because its one of the only classes that I'm with Ashlea and Naomi, which is quite sad because I like playing trumpet and I don't like our english teacher. Who said rushing ment you were nervous? Not all stories have to have the climax at the end, and only one climax. And what are you really grading in writing anyway? the imagtivity? the grammar? the plot? the shape? I'm not complaining because i got a low mark, I got an A. But she just talks as if theres only one set way to do stuff and that annoys me. And she gives me the impression that she is performing more than teaching or living. Which is alittle like me, and that just scares me, especially coz I think she takes starsigns seriously and I think they are total astrom bullocks. The posistion of the stars and planets have no reign on me. You have no power over me. (from the laberinth, Bowies in tights!)
Yeah well, and shes buying her stairway to heaven. This blog looks unhappy, or not good, but that wasn't how my day was. Thats only my impression now. I think I was actually smiling all day, wats new?
On my outside, the thinkness of skin, cannot let you see, the breaking soul that is within.

Sunday, February 15

Got lions and tigers only in Kenya, forget Norway! Kenya! Oh Kenya! Where the giraffes are, and the zebras! Kenya! Kenya! Kenya! Kenya! Kenya, come to Kenya! Kenya beleive it!
Tats loopin' round and round inside my head.
Come on fhqwgads, I see you jocking me, trying to play like 'you know me?'
Catchy webs they are. but i think i'm kinda stealing there pure brilliance by putting the words here, you just have to hear it. OH! Typing about pure brilliance, Brigie, your poem is awesome, wow. I love it. wow.
Now I have a blank of what else to say coz of the wowness... um... yeah. wow. um... so...
everybody to the limit, frances is to the limit, come on now fhqwhgads!
Alright, alright, alright.
See ya buddys! Oh wait. Adios Agile Actor Amigos!

Saturday, February 14

They call him, Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning, no-one you see, is smarter than he, and we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder, flying there-under, under the sea!
I've had that tune stuck in my head all week and it wasn't until my good friend kate started singing along that I actually released what it was from. I would kinda go "Mumble, mumble, faster than lightning, not very frightning" Well I was wrong. Hurray for wrongness! I'm glad I can accept my being wrongness. Usually its like, "no i'm not wrong, you just misinterpretted me or I used the wrong wording, but I'm not wrong." Or something along those lines, stupid, stupid frances and her arrogant ways.
Meh, I am who I am, accept me for that, theres no word to me that means 'I can't', over the years I might change alittle, but it won't be a complete soul transplant.
You won't try to change me, unless you look for flaws, leave me living the way I am, living for my own, happy cause.
So what are we up to on this beaming sunny saturday? I just got back from a sleep over at bens and I'm not sleeply... yet. It was good, we played alot of Nintendo Gamecube and watched freddie vs jason, and darkness falls. And I think we consumed about, 7-8 litres of coke, and 2 of solo.
Solo, meaning singular, and so-lo as how he felt. I read that out of a book my brother was reading, the ones that get left in the living room and you go, "wow, a book" and start reading, but it got abit boring, so I didn't finish it.
Hmm. And a million balloons and performing baboons, and give it to me, now! I want the world, I want the whole world, I want to lock it, all up in my pocket, its my bar of chocolate. Give it to me now! I want today, I want tomorrow, I want to wear them like braids in my hair, AND I DON'T WANT TO SHARE THEM!
You look outside through the window out into the dark garden and she a sad little girl. Or maybe its just a reflection from the light inside, the house that keeps you alive, but leaves you feeling empty. The sensation is gone again and you wonder who... what am I to only feel a slight heat when the world catches on fire. Wondering if something is missing in your eyes...
Do what you have to, to get yourself across. So that people have the chance to try and understand, the chance to try and help.
"Coz its me, and my life, its my life..." (Dido - My Life)

Thursday, February 12

many people, many faces, many things, in many places.
some people, some faces, some things, in some places.
beautiful people, beautiful faces, beautiful things, in beautiful places.
angry people, angry faces, angry things, in angry places.
comfortable people, comfortable faces, comfortable things, in comfortable places.
strange people, strange faces, strange things, in strange places.
cold people, cold faces, cold things, in cold places.
wonderful people, wonderful faces, wonderful things, in wonderful places.
confronting people, confronting faces, confronting things, in confronting places.
unforgiving people, unforgiving faces, unforgiving things, in unforgiving places...

Tuesday, February 10

So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye, so you think you can love me and leave me to die! Oh baby! Can't do this to me baby! Just gotta get out! just gotta get right outta here! DA NANANA NA A LA AAAH! do do do do dooo, nothing really matters, Anyone can see, nothing really matters, nothing really matters tooo mmmmeeeeEE!!
ahuh! Amy and I were singing that allllll day, 1 because it is the most awesomest awesome song and 2 because she had it the "We Will Rock You" CD. And the best thing is, everyone knows the words go you'll start the Galileo bit and you'll hear echos through-out the courtyard. Well thats how loud we were singing, in our very beautifull off tone, out of key voices. It was awesome, we should do it everyday, but different songs, that ppl know. Hmm. Anyway. AYE! 'Ow U doin'!? Noice.
Back in my day, we had to walk 30kms to school each day, and by the time we got home we had to go to school again, boy our feet hurt. And.. and our shoes were made of a block of wood strapped to our feet, oh boy, those were the days. You young people are so lucky.
Where did that come from? OH! OH! Hyperventilating! I feel so loved, I'm home group leader. I get a shiny badge and get to say "I'm 10B leader!" and "CARN THE B!". Well I said the second one last year in our 9B posse, but meh. 10B is the best, you cannot beat the B.
GRR MSN NOT WORKING! Throw shoe at computer, but that would require going outside and getting my shoe. Anyway. Yeah. wow, form leader.
Well Adios Amature Archers Amigos! Love you!

Sunday, February 8

OH NO I've run out of cantalope, or rock melon for those northern ppl. have to get some more!
mmmm beautiful cantalope. How are we all? I think I say that every blog and still no answer, u rude littl ppls! Well, if you want to know... I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control, cause the power you're supplyin', it's ELECTRIFYIN'! ahuh. it is. Yep I'm bored stiff, or as Catch Phrase would have it animated, a plank of wood with 'stiff' written on it. AAAH I'm out of cantaloope again, where does it go!?! I want to know! Just like I want to know who stole the cookie, from the cookie jar. and don't blame me, it was mine to start with. Wait, no, it wasn't me. ahhh! um, off that subject...
You better shape up, cause I need a man, and my heart is set on you, you better shape up, you better understand, to my heart I must be true.
Who is the muffin man, everyone asks if you know the muffin man but seriously, I don't, and its unfair! I wanna know the muffin man! PLEASE HELP ME! Do you know the muffin man? Who is he?
Your the one that I want... sorry, its stuck in my head.
OH! And I got 'Minight Madness' stuck in my head from the bats musical in yr 8.
Hello Everybody! It's twelve o'clock, its time for you to come alive, welcome to the party, we're really gonna rock, gonna boogie, gonna jive! Feel that groovn hipnotic beat, feel the beat, feel those disco rhythems in your feet, in your feet, we're gonna reach the top and we ain't never gonna stop!
Midnight madness, midnight madness, feel the power of the witching hour, from the moment you hear the band start playing, your in a trace! Midnight madness midnight madness dance with me this disco fantasy, theres no use trying to resist the music GET UP AND DANCE!
Thats a bit scary I still remember that, I started making up a little and I don't think its "Feel that groovn hipnotic beat" but its along those lines.
Well anyway, HOW YOU DOIN"!
Gotta scadadle now, Adios Abandoned Ape Amigos!

Saturday, February 7

do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight, get down tonight, WOOT! Ahuh ahuh, ahuh-ahuh-ahuh, ooh yeah.
yo hotstuff! How you doin'? I 've been meltin' in ma shoes coz you look so damn fine. Still Smilin'
How are we all in the internet relm where reality is what we want it to be? I hope your happy, its always good to be happy, unless you're only happy when your beating the crap out of someone, ahhh! I hope your not that type of person, and sorry if I insulted you if you are. ahhhh.... Anyway! So I'm walking down this street, right? and this dog comes up to me and starts slobbering all over my leg. This doggy saliva wasn't your normal doggy saliva, it was yellow and has chunks of something, that I just hope was just some tanbark. And it was yuck and yeah, ewwwy. I ended up trying to get it off and wipe it on the over-friendly dog, then it lost intrest in me and walked off, well kinda galloped. Silly big dogs, I wonder whose it was. And that is my story.
My team won tennis today, 43 - 33. HORRAY. My dad turned up just before my singles and sat on the otherside of the fence watching. and snapping bloody twigs! Does anyone know how annoying that is? If I he wasn't my dad who takes tennis resonably serious I would say he was doing it on purpose just to piss me off. and he kept butting in with the scores, like I'd ask my lovely opponent if it was 15-40 or 30 all and he'd just say 15-40. AND AHH! I love my dad but if he isn't playing he should remain quiet, please. yeah well, I lost my singles 3-6. MOOO!
Cows go moo, they really really do, moo moo moo, cows go moo. MOOO Pascal Moochews, which will you choose, pascal moochews, moochews. i wonder what happened to them? They like got taken off the market ages ago. hmm. Well thats al from me for now. But have no fear, Frances is here! Or maybe you should have fear because I'm here. aww whatever, love yas!

Arrivederci Amici, Adios Amigos, Auf Weidersehen Freunde, Au Revoir Amis, Adeus Amigos

P.S. How many languages say 'goodbye' starting with 'A'? thats pretty weird.

Friday, February 6

Do de do de do. I think I'm better now, all I needed was 2 solid hours of Christian Rock and I'm back in the game. HOOOO WA! gotcha nose. tehehe. No one is really talking to me on msn, but I really couldn't care, tehehe, they are funny people, people they are. i think. tehehe. yeah wow, the world is big, hello to those of you in china! wow, a hundred thousand or so k's from here. thats quite a way away. *wave* HELLOOOOOO! How are you on this lovely Friday Nite? What ever happened to saturday night, When you got dressed up and you felt all right, it don't seem the same since cosmic light. Then a little more verse and HOT PATOTEE BLESS MY SOUL! I REALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL! Rocky Horror Picture Show, oh meatloaf, what has come of you? you better think twice janet wiese, your apple pie don't taste too nice. Yes well. tehehe, skip with me along, along, along, the yellow brick road. just follow the yellow brick road. I would sing with the sparrows and the boy who shoots the arrows if i only had a heart.
I give you roses, I give you roses, I give you roses, to show my love for you.
Adios Amazing Amigos

Thursday, February 5


why do you hate me?
why do you despise me so?
why do you watch me bleed?
do I really make you feel that low?
I don't know what I did,
to make you lothe my presence,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
Don't end you adolesence.
Please stay, don't go,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
why don't you believe me?
why don't you think I worry?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
please don't fall now,
I'll make it up to you,
some day, some how...

Tuesday, February 3

MSN not working, grrr, shut down. Repeating work we did in year 9. Sharing gym with 2 other forms, another year 10 and my sisters year 8 form. Annoying American Idol stealing my first half hour of Simpsons. I like my simpsons, how dare something so craptacular steal my simpsons on a day like this. I am not happy. Does anyone actually care about americas singing talent, or lack of it? arrrg!! Msn still not working. Not happy Jan. Cat meowing at me. Better go fed him.
Trying hard to understand it
Trying hard to make things real
Trying hard to understand it
But the real thing's just so sweet

Is there a meaning here?
Is there a meaning here?
Does it really mean a thing?

Come and see the real thing
Come and see the real thing
Come and see

I am the real - thing

Monday, February 2

My 4th Dimention

Good morning, George. How are you? I hope you're feeling fine! I'd love to stay and talk but it's almost eight o' clock and I haven't got the time!!
Because we work real hard at the Chocolate factory, we start at eight and we don't get lunch 'till three. I've gotta drive a truck, to make a buck, so I can send it home to my family.
=D Good Evening actually but my sis was singing it now it is here. I think I've onlt ever mentioned my sister when she's been singing. Hmm, what does that say? She talks alot, and usually loudly. AND HURRAY FOR CHIGGEN! I feel like chiggen tonight, like chiggen tonight. Hey! I actually had chiggen for dinner. wow. weird. But ahhhh! What about the bird flu?? AHHH! What if! AHH! What if someone did something. sorry just lost my train of thought. So I better go before I ruin the flow, ho ho ho, merry christmas and a happy new year.
Adios AWOL Aztec Amigos

Sunday, February 1

HURRAH! Hurray for dancing chickens with their funny hats and clever shoes! I love dancing chickens with funny hats and clever shoes. Aren't they just the coolest? Yeah, I know, they don't quite pass the margin of your coolness, but nothing can really do such a stunt. Disco, disco, disco, disco, its coloured gold baby! Or something like that. I was dancing when I was twelve. I was dancing when I was twelve! la la la la la alaaaa! Emma's shoes are cleverer but mine have magical soles that can say spaghetti. How cool is that? OH YOU MUST SEE MY SHOES BEFORE THEY DEPART! *sniffle* My very very favourite shoes in the whole wide world are nearly dead, after 3 years of loyal service. But they are so cool, I don't want to stop wearing them. WAHH! I want my shoey! the left one! Aww I have to find a picture of the make on the web so u can awe in its beauty. My poor flame airwalks, I shall miss you. Luckily you are not gone yet. HURRAY FOR SHOES! Wow, I never thought I'd say that line of shopping insaneness.