Saturday, September 13

when we laugh indoors, the blissful tones bounce off the walls, and fall to the ground (death cab for cutie)

i fail at jelly making, it always ends up with a heavier, gross, precipitate layer at the bottom (which i usually redissolve and set, can't be wasting jelly now). even when i follow the 4 point directions exactly it just doesn't come out properly... blackberry jelly for breakfast = awesome, gelatin layer = bad

Friday, September 12

she wears this purple woolen jumper for an entire month, tranferring her smell to it, filling it with memories. then, starting with a sleave, she snips a strand and unravels it, balling it up as she goes. resulting in a neat ball of purple wool, the jumper is placed next to similar balls of wool of varying colour in a draw that is rarely opened. under lock and key it'll rest there, symbolising something she can never satisfyingly express. you'll see her in green by the weeks end.

my flights to Cambodia and Laos are booked, horray! my bank account was looking worse for wear afterward, but we don't leave 'til the end of november so hopefully it'll gain a little weight buy then for food and stuffs. twenty days! first time out of australia, all funded by myself, absolutely stoaked. any travelling tips?

a holiday in Cambodia, where the slums got so much soul... (dead kennedys) (can't get it out of my head, and it's definately not that type of holiday)