Tuesday, March 24

i'm sure it could be found somewhere else than the endless reaches of space, could it possibly be something that hard to acquire? if you really think about it, how do you even know it exists if you haven't seen it, heard it, felt it or held it before, where does this knowledge come from if you have not seen it before? it could be in the room (though i'm pretty sure it's not in this one at current), it could be in your room, it could well be outside the house and down the street, sitting next to the oranges at the supermarket. while 'what it is' is of fairly relevent importance, i don't want to know, i want to bask in the ignorance that it could be anything, anywhere, that i could find the special meaning held to this unknown object to something very near and dear to me, claim some ownership and show it off, not like a trophy wife or something of equal vainity, but as something truely... well true, to me (for we all know the subjective nature of truth), that i can feel pride for. it seems there is becoming less to be proud of as one ages, maybe that's all in the statistics, in the chemistry, the more you pour into your head, the concentration of what one holds as unique becomes weaker and you no longer can taste the salt in the water. so i'm going to try and up the salt content in my mind, start to change my hesitance into conviction and grasp what i really believe to be important in both hands and fully appreciate its existance in my life.


Blogger Hobbes said...

Good luck.

7:33 am, June 05, 2009  

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