Friday, August 15

as much as owning a car these days is pocket-lightening, and generally saddening, shopping for third party car insurance is downright depressing. seriously. i got six different online quotes and it seems they're all in it together.
young driver + oldish (but incredibly charming) car = huge (in most, especially student, speaking terms) premium + hardly decent insurance + extra basic excess
can't they make it staggered or something? or not charge me an extra $60 if i pay by the month. i mean, i know they want my money, but being overly greedy doesn't really cut it, like charging me more than what they'll actually cover. harsh mister insurance man, harsh.

they don't know my car either, how can they just judge it like that? they weren't there when i first bought him (well it's sometimes "him", it switches genders depending on how it's behaving... named "the Cavalry" also adding to the multiple-personality theory, don't laugh, he's more than a herd of horses... and occasionally sounds like it), or when he used to cut out while turning corners or when he carried two extra people or how good he is for drive-in movies or when he successfully climbed up the roads of Mt Dandenong with 5 people in the car (at 40km/h) or how often/rarely he gets cleaned or when i got to bleed his brakes or all the air fresheners he's devoured. generally they don't know and yet they want to put a price on his demise. *sniffle*

i'm not really so attatched to my car, i mean i love it, i just wish it didn't eat so much.


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