Thursday, July 31

Her head twisted around awkwardly, her shoulders eventually following and leading the rest of the body in an 180 degree motion henceforth. Well, to be accurate, the task wasn't completely accomplished. Tammy hadn't merely lost her footing, she had lost he feet. Of course this misplacement is a hypothetical comparison as her feet were still healthily connected to her legs, which some may say are quite attractive in their own right. It is said that some might say it is so because no one has actually said it before and so there are no real grounds to include it as fact in this description, but the current onlooker believes that there would be people in society who find such legs as little less than masterpieces. To properly define a masterpiece would be a fairly subjective matter, though there are obvious examples but they shall not be delved into at this stage as one is meant to be focused on Tammy's legs, or lack of symbolic feet, or even what caused her to lose such a possession. In fact it isn't any of these one should be focusing on, as they have gone and past while ramblings of legs and masterpieces were taking place. There should be more ramblings of legs and masterpieces.

too painful to continue at this stage, fun to write to some extent, but somewhat tiresome to read.
but maybe there should be more ramblings of legs and masterpieces... ramblings of centipedes, no wait, millipedes (they have more legs), stamping out copies of beautiful artwork they could never comprehend and whether it's beauty could define such work as a masterpiece if the piece's masterfulness has no master, simply dead bugs that were mistakingly fumigated. would, could the unjust death of these little artist be mourned in unnecessary bouts of media overexertion, front line news over the bombings and the war and the famine and the plague and the floods and the fires and the general death of humanity over the world. because unlike the nameless faces that will be thrown into mass graves, these little mindless critters gave us something pretty to look at. so we could avert our gaze and thoughts and just think of all the things that make us warm inside.

my apologies


Blogger observer said...

"There should be more ramblings of legs and masterpieces." I agree.

I liked this.

2:56 pm, August 01, 2008  

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