Tuesday, July 1

holiday time
three weeks, three long weeks. I don't know what i'm going to do, a lot of my friends are going away and such, a suspicious amount to Sydney in fact, i wonder is it's a conspiracy or if Sydney actually has something to offer in a fortnight's time. maybe i'm just jealous. the plan is to get a job, or make stuff i can sell on eBay that doesn't breach copyright laws. well, to be honest i have gotten myself a job, or this job has me, i'm not sure who really has the power. I'm basically setting up an eBay store, which has to be recognized as a reliable seller before it can be upgraded to a store status. It's a branch off from one of my friend's parents' businesses, who sell masks, costumes and wigs etc. so when they offered me a job i assumed it would basically be a set up and maintenance thing. well, i was wrong, oh gourd i was wrong. for one thing, they want to be selling (cheap) lingerie, which makes it somewhat awkward, as the main product before adding in the wigs etc. i need to retake all the pictures of the stock because for some reason they can't be the same as on their main website. but what has kept me entertaining the idea is that it's an equal partnership, a third of it will me mine, a whole third. yes it is an investment in a product which i doubt will be as, how do you say, overly successful(?), but it's a third. "hi my name's Frances and i own a third of an internet company". well company might be an exaggeration, but the third isn't! aha aha ha... ahh... i probably don't know what i'm getting myself into. setting up the banking account tomorrow as well as taking a million photos playing around with camera settings, i'm certain the camera preview screen is lying to me...
well that's my bout of public journaling done.
in other news, which i feel i should write in such a place but still feels like too much information, i told my mum i was a lesbian last weekend. she took it very well, very happy for me etc. etc. but thinks i should wait to tell dad 'til other things settle down. and what is also exciting, in telling you that i told my mum, i have also informed you, which still feels odd in the "why do i need to tell you?" fashion.
anyways, peace out.

your heart is a river, that flows from your chest, through every organ, your brain is the dam, and i am the fish that can't reach the core... (lightness - Death Cab for Cutie)


Blogger Sandy said...

happy to hear that its holiday for you. enjoy.

Btw is it for real or you have cooked up a story? i m asking it after reading the lesbian part. anyway everybody have their own way of living life. enjoy ur life, thats what i can tell. love u.

1:14 am, July 07, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're such an idiot, sandy.

9:05 am, July 07, 2008  
Blogger Frances bo bancess said...

hahaha, no story there sandy, just journaling...

anonymous, that was a bit uncalled for

4:35 pm, July 10, 2008  

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