Friday, May 23

44 units of sound in the english language, just 44. they have a proper name, phonemes, but i like the phrase "units of sound". sound is a nicer rhyming word than phoneme too, making it more promising reference to language. can i reach you, locked beneath this hardened ground, will this pull through, time remaining in clocks unwound, left to express, just 44 units of sound.

there was another suicide on the tracks today, not on my line, but this news still gets around even without the paper. what i don't get though is why people say "why my line? couldn't they've jumped somewhere else? couldn't they find some other way to top themselves without affecting thousands of commuters?" instead of why are they trying to kill themselves in the first place. I tried to find some stats on it, but couldn't find any, though I'm sure it's at least the sixth one in Victoria that i've heard of this year.... it's just sad...


Blogger Sandy said...

is suicide an answer to everything, i doubt. I really pity them.

2:16 am, May 23, 2008  
Blogger observer said...

That is sad. Tough to figure out, will talking about it rather help more people than sweeping it under the carpet or give people ideas.

I seriously think most people think about suicide more than they let on. It seems so lonely that no-one talks about it.

1:19 pm, May 28, 2008  

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