Friday, March 14

if anyone's recently popped by and been attacked by my music when they least expected it, i do apologize. it's no longer on autoplay and the volume switch is accessible, so if you wish to listen to some of the songs i've mentioned in old posts, they're there, but not bombarding your preferred track listing or getting you in trouble in public libraries that forgot to mute their computers.

congrats to adeliade for upping their record from 8 days (in the 1930's or something) to 10 days in a row with temperatures above 35 degrees C (something like 93-95 in F, why i'm bothering converting it, let alone in my head, is a mystery) *claps* and it's march. march i tell you, the great season of autumn which should be celebrated in it's dry coolness, not this revolting heat. i'm just glad i don't live further north or west, humidity and heat make frances not very happy at all. i think i've complained about this here before, but my minds not working properly, sorry.

also exciting, joined the juggling club at uni, and i've been practicing. i can juggle three balls, record is 36 throws , and two balls in just my right hand, but the left hand is lagging, though when i master the left i can get onto four balls. how absolutely awesome is that?! if only i could apply this entertaining skill to some other aspect of my like. maybe instead of counting i could name the parts of the brain while i juggle...

... cerebral cortex, frontal lobe, temperal lobe, occipital lobe, hippocampus, amygdala, choroid plexus, left and right lateral ventricle, third and forth ventricle, cerebral aqueduct, cerebellum... ahh... yeah, ok, i cheated... i looked off my notes... fail

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