Friday, February 8

The Lament of Pretty Baby - Cursive

I saw something I was not supposed to see
A ghostly memory that keeps on haunting me
The kitchen door was open a crack,
So naively we peeked inside

Oh, darling sister, have they hurt you, have they hurt you?
Oh, Pretty Baby, they won't touch you
They won't touch you again
We will fix this incident

I don't want to be seen as a pretty thing
'Cause it's the pretty things that we're always breaking...
And now she whispers into the mirror: I'm broken.

Oh doctor, doctor, can you fix me, can you fix me?
Oh Pretty Baby, you're so naive, but it comes off so cute
We don't want to fix you
We love you just the way you are
The butterfly pinned to the page
The nightingale locked in the cage, won't you sing for me?
Sing for me,
Yeah, we love you just the way you are
Crushed 'neath fashion magazines
Trampled by circus pony dreams, won't you kiss me?
Won't you kiss me

Oh please, mister, can't you fix me, can't you fix me?
Someone, anyone, won't you fix me, won't you fix me?
Oh, someone, please, the moon has raped me
I can feel it inside me
Oh, mama, please let someone fix me
Let them fix me,
Let them fix me,

So cry yourself to sleep
Cry yourself to sleep 'cause I am strong and you are weak
Wait, you are strong, and I am weak
Fuck, just cry yourself to sleep


Blogger Indeterminacy said...

There's always something in your writing that jumps out and grabs me. This time these lines "Someone, anyone, won't you fix me, won't you fix me?
Oh, someone, please, the moon has raped me"

You're incredible!

Now that Valentine' Day is over and you've had about a hundred hugs, I wanted to come by and give you a very long one.

2:44 pm, February 15, 2008  
Blogger Frances bo bancess said...

Indie i didn't write this! hahaha, i couldn't write something like this. it's by a band named Cursive (i posted the film clip of another of their songs, 'Dorothy at 40' a while back). you should check them out.

thanks muchly for the valentines hug! hope you had a fantastic day and spoilt your muse completely.

5:25 pm, February 15, 2008  
Blogger Sandy said...

Has anyone told you that u rock? You are marvellous

7:39 pm, February 16, 2008  
Blogger Frances bo bancess said...

hahah thanks sandy! i think indie actually said that on the other cursive post, but i'm sure you knew that. thanks again =)

10:34 am, February 22, 2008  
Blogger Indeterminacy said...

I still say you wrote it.

1:46 pm, February 25, 2008  

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