Sunday, January 13

thought trails...

direction, navigation, voyage, the open sea, pirates, yarr! ahoy me hearties, heart, start, beating, the moment is fleeting, and i can't feel, what you tell me is real, or surreal, a dream, a waking thought, naught, none, nothing remained of the time we tamed, and the days we claimed, to be ours forever, never, september to december, the calender's pages are torn and discarded, as our souls become worn and unguarded, tired of the scorn, corn, dawn, mornings, mournings, the lost, the losing, the cost, the confusing, confusion, unsure, uncertain, undone, remade, repaired, restored, record, the memory, before it fades, or is blown away, on the winds blowing in the opposite, direction...

...trailing thoughts.


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