Friday, January 4

"I seem to have discovered a new horizon to run to, though it would be more accurate to say that I was running before I stumbled upon the sight of a more beautiful goal. I cannot say if it was the world that shifted or myself that unconsciously changed direction, but it was most certainly gradual, not even recognizing the changes until nothing was familiar."
"That is an intriguing concept, the world twisting your path, pulling your hand away from old dreams into something of a more mature future. But is it really more beautiful than the innocent fantasies that you embraced for so long?"
"You say you were running, but before you'd been sitting at the same spot watching the sun rise and set for quite a while, admiring it's voyage but never fulfilling any of your own. Is this new goal more worthy than those unaccomplished dreams?"
"Both beauty and worthiness are subjective, it's impossible to tell."
"But we are discussing these concepts in relation to you, so subjectivity is not an issue here, the questions still stand,"
"I feel a deja vu coming on, we don't need to delve too deeply into what I said, I feel my goals have changed, end of story"
"But you're still looking back aren't you?"
"Checking over your shoulder to see if you can still run the roads that you left behind, reminiscing. Your straight line to the horizon is more like a circle"
"Or a downward spiral"
"How can you possibly determine whether it really is a change in direction?"
"I just know. Your metaphorical taunts are tiring, i'm sick of this same internal battle over and over again. Dialogue ends here, no more from you two"

could think of anything new so i thought i'd bring back some voices to kill them off again, they're a little less talkative this time round. (see this post)
all the best for the new year! that sounds slightly sarcastic after such a post, but i truly think this is the year to live for.


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