Monday, November 19

i was flipping through a true or false quiz on social psych on facebook (yes i have joined the herd) and stumbled upon this;
"Hurting others makes us feel better. When life hands you lemons, don't bother making lemonade... just pelt them at somebody else"
the original saying absolutly irks me, i mean, you need sugar for lemonade and where are you meant to pull that from if all you ever have is want "life hands you"? if you're supposed to go down to the shops and buy it, i would much rather forget about the lemons and buy some chocolate. yes i took that much too literally. when i read it, really liked the "pelt them at someone else" bit, but now i'm feeling guilty over liking it so much. it's similar to saying "i love how the world hates itself so much", which is slightly (cough) over dramatic, but thats the gist of it. what also gets me is that even though i can say that it's true, i disagree that people actually do it. from personal experience (so it has no merit at all), people who have been handed so many lemons that we could stop planting lemon trees and the economy would be fine, usually are a lot kinder than those with just those in their fruit bowl. it could be that i think that because i live an incredibly sheltered life, and i am surrounded by everyday superheroes. anyway, much like all studies in psych, this statement is general, it's broad, it could probably be overturned in a year or two, but people are led to take these as fact, even if the researches only use the word "suggests". and for it to take its place in a true or false quiz (which is meant for fun, i get it) pushes it to new heights. i enjoy psychology, so why am i so resentful of its ways?

(oh and hey, in other news, i turned 19 on friday. horray!)


Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hate that saying too. I say when life hands you lemons throw them back at life and aim for the eyes because citric acid stings.

Have a Happpy Birthday!

4:10 pm, November 20, 2007  
Blogger Frances bo bancess said...

throwing them back at life seems so much better than other people, i'll make sure to work on my throwing arm.

mental note: aim for life's eyes. check.

(word verification: gpocushp, general post office and computer shop all it one? or it could be a computer ship...)

10:32 pm, November 22, 2007  

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