Wednesday, November 21

old people annoy me.
make a tiny joke about politics or weather and they start ranting.
they don't pick up on "young sarcasm". it's for some reason less noticeable than that of senior sarcasm, the difference i think is in the delivery, but i really don't understand the division.
they can make fun of you all they like and you're expected to laugh.
they get frustrated when you don't know what they're thinking, because you should know.
but you shouldn't know anything else, because otherwise you're difficult to talk too. well i guess i find it much easier to talk to potatoes too.
they interrupt you with irrelevant or already mentioned information.
as a guess in your house, they have the nerve to call you lazy, reminiscing and recollecting stories of their childhood that you remember better than they, because you've heard them all before.
well, maybe these are specific to one, but i'm only 19, it's only to be expected that i don't know the difference between a general and specific statements.
patronizing me makes me think you're stupid, it certainly doesn't impress.

i'm aware that not all senior citizens are of the same caliber.
okay, i'm done now.
good night!


Blogger Indeterminacy said...

I hope you meet some non-condescening old people.

I never found you to be cynical.

4:33 pm, November 22, 2007  
Blogger observer said...

What I hate most is people who are older than you, but who aren't really all that bright, who try and tell you what to think. Someone I know does that to me all the time. She doesn't get what is supposed to be my evil look either. Probably because it looks more like I'm about to sneeze.

12:34 am, November 28, 2007  

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