Saturday, January 12

Neither Janine or Matt were honestly in the mood for cooking. It was hot and muggy and their house didn't have air conditioning nor was it well ventilated. So it was decided that they'd brave the heat and go out to have dinner at a random fast-food restaurant. Surprisingly the weather wasn't as bad outside as it seemed, a gentle breeze helping the evaporation part of perspiration. The sun lingered on the horizon, daylight savings holding it there past the eight o'clock mark, much too late in Matt's opinion but there isn't really anything that can be done about that. The cicadas were out in force, not in plain view but roaring to their open circulatory systems' content. Matt listened to Janine's thongs (flip flops or whatever, the footwear type) slapping against the pavement as he slowly regretted wearing his sneakers without socks because that was all his laziness would permit. He was thinking about whether it would just be better to take his shoes off than live through this sweaty, uncomfortable situation that was currently bestowed upon his plantigrade feet when Janine stubbed her toe.
"Fuuah... bad karma" she muttered
"Are you alright?"Matt asked
"Yeah, I was just caught in thought and wasn't paying attention," Janine answered
"Oh okay," Matt said, leaving an awkward silence in the place where he probably should have continued talking. But no words came and so the cicadas resumed dominance over their sound-scape.
"Do you think it's weird that 'dream' can be synonym for both 'aspiration' and 'delusion'? Like, our goals can be compared to mirages, isn't that just depressing?" Janine randomly blurted out. Matt wasn't too sure what his sister was ranting on about, the fact that he was still thinking about his feet was a probable cause.
"Don't worry, I was just talking out loud, I mean thinking out loud..." she trailed off, disappointed by her brother's inability to ignore the obvious discomfort in his shoes and just talk.
"You should've worn socks," she nagged,
"Yeah, I know," he muttered.


Blogger Sandy said...

The way u describe is awsome. even the minute details. waiting for the rest..

1:55 am, January 13, 2008  
Blogger Frances bo bancess said...

thanks sandy, i know the ending isnt much of an ending, but i'm still not sure if this one'll be continued. good to see you 'round, all the best for the new year!

11:00 pm, January 13, 2008  

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