Tuesday, January 15

I was sitting in the main library when I heard two girls talking in between the aisles. Having been struggling with my studies on the reproductive cycle of fungi for at least the last half hour, it wasn't hard to become distracted by their conversation.
"All I'm saying is that maybe humanity is governed by some sort of supreme balance, that if we can move around some of the weights we can get some real equality,"
"But humans are the ones who put things out of balance, deforestation, dredging, pollutants totally destroying our planet, i mean, just look at our atmosphere, enough COtwo for you? you can't just move some weights and take all that back."
"We are so talking on different platforms here, lets focus on humanity."
"because there's so much of that going 'round"
"ha ha, nah seriously, you look at how much food resources we have in the world and how concentrated they are to certain areas, the same with material wealth. now both of these are seen as reasonably limited, the amount in the world at any time is pretty well set. What if these principles apply to more 'spiritual' aspects as well?"
"i'm not really following but keep talking and you might start making sense,"
"ow, my self esteem! what i mean is, say you're having a crap day, feeling just terrible for no concrete reason, maybe this is because there are too many people enjoying themselves."
"what? so are you encouraging me to kick people who are happy to make me happy?"
"well it's said that it does make you feel better,"
"who said that?"
"i'm not sure, but thats not the point."
"flaw; you have no point"
"point; limited amount of happiness in the world."
"happiness is made, you don't stubble on it and go "ooooh! i'm going to be happy today, all these positive waves just hit me and life's going to be a garden of roses because of all the miserable, starving kids in third world countries, horray!", honestly Sally, how did you come up with this?"
"ok, i get it, i will never discuss random theories with you while you're trying to read."
"ta muchly!"
I couldn't help but feel that the non-Sally girl was grinning widely, but didn't really have anything to support it. With their discussion becoming more disjointed as Sally continued to attempt and fail to involve non-Sally in chit chat, I decided I'd better return to my fungi.


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