Tuesday, February 26

general rant post

i'm usually pretty good with money, thrifty, stingy, whatever you wish to call it. it's probably because i don't enjoy shopping, especially clothes shopping, and so don't, and the money just sits in my bank account wondering why it was made. but i am quite ashamed to say that i have embraced e-bay, browsing and clicking buttons quickly, making my real money feel like play money that i earned by wasting hours on a couple of online games. and it's basically all anime, which i justify by saying i would buy them here anyway, but for double the price, so i might as well buy two, and shipping is halved for each additional so i should buy any i might want in the future now and thus save more money and oh god i've become an addictive consumer. it's quite frightening, i used to laugh at the girls who would talk about clothing sales that way and i'd be all "spending money doesn't save you anything", "you'll see it next week cheaper". anyways, i got hit by the regret this morning for spending $300 (including shipping) on twelve complete series of different anime, (for 296 episodes, just a little over a dollar for an episode) which is very cheap but also very excessive and i go back to uni next week so where am i going to pull the time to watch them from? gah! i suck. i'm still telling myself i should have spent the money, but i know i shouldn't. grrr. who has a random $300 to spend anyway?


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