Thursday, May 8

good evening my pretties,
i know i've been terribly lazy, but if it makes any difference, i've been lazy with uni work too... which probably makes it worse rather than better... um...
i've quit my job, which is exciting, though i am in the process of rewriting my resume to get back out into the work force, but I probably will wait another month to start looking, my reasoning is something along the lines of "i'm only a teenager for six more months and i've worked the last four years, if i don't bludge now i may lose my only chance"
okay... so i don't believe that being 20 will be much different than 19, or not at all more like it, but it a good reason to take time off, clean the slate off a little and move on.
I was thinking of doing the same thing here, but the honest truth is that i probably don't write enough these days anyway to change anything greatly, so the heart and soul of this little blogging emissary, hahaha, remains pretty much the same. but then that's subjective, but that's what it's meant to be.
well i'll pause for a second or two and copy in some of the writing i've been doing... if i can find enough of the scattered scraps of paper...

p.s. thanks sandy for your encouragement to get back to blogging =)


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