Thursday, July 24

when no words are spoken, the silence left unbroken, an elephant sits in the room, a prophecy of impending doom. and as mouths wither and dry, quiet attempts to try, to rekindle the conversational fire, awkwardness down to the wire...

and i've thinking, that summer may be bringing, more than much needed sun, and i'm not trying to infer, that the world will change without anyone needing to run...

randomness from my yr 10 history notebook, unsure of meaning, reasoning or source (i think i made it up but):
south australia - monday, northern territory - tuesday, tasmania - wednesday, perth - thursday, victoria - friday, sydney - saturday, queensland - sunday. a.c.t. - everyday (hahaha)
i don't know what i was thinking with the a.c.t., maybe parliament never rests? maybe it was just "i forgot about a.c.t., think of something quick", tasmania was a weird placing as well, but south australia is definitely monday. i fail to understand though, why "perth" and "sydney" were written, instead of "NSW" and "WA", what a strange teenager. any thoughts?

post script: playing around in the abundant garden of knowledge (which is the internet), with the meanings of names of days, stumbled across the ol' "monday's child" nursery rhyme. for those of you who don't know, it's : monday's child is fair of face, tuesday's child is full of grace, wednesday's child if full of woe, thursday's child has far to go, friday's child is loving and giving, saturday's child works hard for a living,
but the child who is born on the sabbath day, is bonny and blithe and good and gay (which was later changed to "bonny and blithe and good in every way").
anyways, so i'm a child of wednesday (who wen on later to be changed to "fears no foe"), boo hoo, poor me, blah blah, as if it matters, pure interest only. but something my good friend wikipedia told me was that the original 1887 version had the same characteristics assigned to different days, so originally i was actually "loving and giving". and then again, it changes if one were to address the origins of the day names themselves, making me "having far to go".
so if one were to assess a wednesday's child, it could be pseudo-scienced out that they were originally loving and giving, then full of woe, then fears no foe but upon much closer inspection just has far to go. sounding like a true blue horoscope.
"this week you may feel something that could lead you to new and interesting situations, but don't risk it this time round, mars is hanging out in scorpio"


Blogger observer said...

Venus is chilling with Saggitarius, just so's you know.

Perth is definitely a Thursday - seems like there's always one more sleep 'til something good.

Word verification: toagbbbn - a tragic tobogganing accident.

12:21 pm, July 25, 2008  
Blogger Sandy said...

I am thursdays child.

3:45 pm, July 26, 2008  
Blogger Frances bo bancess said...

observer - but i saw venus with libra just the other night, scandal! all the b's in toagbbbn really add to the violent rolling and bouncing and bumping/colliding with great force. i hope one day to get a real word... (todays: yfmunmel, a confused and mumbling fennel?)

sandy - far to go, hey... it strikes me odd that thursday is the only one that infers some sort of future, the others are kind of "they are what they are"

9:11 pm, July 27, 2008  
Blogger observer said...

Or someone sleep-talking about fennel, perhaps? Why anyone would do such a thing is a whole other story.

10:00 pm, July 28, 2008  

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