Thursday, July 17

The air was cool and misty, a lethargic, morning breeze rolling over the grassy field and through the looming trees, their crisp, orange leaves rustling with the pleasure of this sensation. The couple leisurely strode along the gravel path, a satisfying crunch released with each step. Rugged up in multiple layers, they kept close together, the fog from their exhales indistinguishable from one another. She clasped his arm comfortably, not the awkward, white knuckled, seemingly desperate, clutching that some women insist on bestowing on their partners, that was something that makes walking leisurely most strenuous. They whispered to each other in hushed voices, as if not to disturb the morning's beautiful performance that was being played in front of them. A silence fell over them as a single golden leaf bid farewell to its mother tree and floated down to them, dancing with the breeze, a routine consisting of breathtaking lifts and spins. He caught it gently in his hand as to not crush it's brittle frame. twirling by hold its petiole between his thumb and forefinger he presented it to her. she giggled softly as she accepted the gift, the laugh managing to catch the wind and warm it slightly as it traveled towards the city in the east. he smiled in return and the two continued down the path. At the end of the path stretched a hideous, black tarmacked road. Like the grass it was embossed with the moisture of the morning dew, but it only added to its sinister, dark appearance. Sitting patiently on the side of the road, humming comparatively loudly to itself, sat a dark blue sedan. She held back, tugging lightly on his arm. he whispered in her ear and let go of her arm. turning to face her, he kissed her cheek tenderly and then the other. leaning his forehead on hers, he grinned slightly before saying words words that were for her only, then quickly kissed her on the lips before running to the car. Opening the passenger-side door have waved to her before disappearing into the depths of steel and tinted windows. Before she could raise her hand to return the wave the car sped off, leaving her alone with the morning air. As she lifted her arm to wave anyway, the leaf escaped her grasp a blew off to join a congregation of dried leaves at the foot of another tree. Unable to recognize
it from it brothers, she nestled her hands in her armpits and took the path back to the house, the cool wind still playing between the trees. Her body began to shake slightly as she walked and then more violently. She hurried her steps, the wind turning to slap freezing blows against her face. Quickening again, the wind stung her eyes, the air clawing its way up and down her throat., the shakes still worsening. Finally reaching the front door, she ripped it open and ran inside, slamming in behind her. Huddled next to the radiator she began to control her breathing again, the shaking calming down. It's only because of the cold she tried to convince herself as a single tear ran down her cheek.


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beautifully expressed

3:29 pm, July 26, 2008  

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