Wednesday, July 30

"With a little more wit and laughter i'm sure you could become quite a star, quite a star indeed." the plumpish man proclaimed, his pinstriped suit not quite following the flow of his flamboyant arm movements, bulging in the worse places, tailored to a much younger model. "I just think you need to cut back on these points here," he said flipping through the manuscript and pointing a pudgey finger at some highlighted parts of text. Tristan glanced at the pages quickly, he new what parts Mr Smith would "edit" before he even started. Mr Smith, like many of the other editors Tristan had visited, disliked the open and almost bloasting vulgarity that Tristan bestowed apon one of his female characters.
"I don't mean to remove anything from what you've written, just alter it so it can fit a wider audience, it's obvious not a book that'll emcompass all, but with a few touches you could include a more conservative audience without losing the..." he paused, Tristan looked up at him with weary eyes, awaiting the noun.
Impact? Zest? Confrontation? Message? Soul? he trailed off to himself.
"..kapow!" slapping his hands against one another and letting them fly as far apart as the resricting suit would allow, Mr Smith finished with a large grin pushing against his puffy cheeks, very pleased with his own, seemingly marvelous performance.
"I apologise for wasting your time Mr Smith," Tristan answered lifting himself from his chair and picking up the manuscript. "I really don't want to change anything, that's why I came to you"
"Oh but you wouldn't be changing anything, m' boy!" Mr Smith hurried over to Tristan's side of the desk and put a hand on his shoulder. "Simply dulling down the edges, polishing it if you will."
Tristan glared at Mr Smith, then weaking his expression he replied "It's not meant to be polished"
"Of course, of course, I personally understand the true depths of what you are meaning but for the..."
"The true depths? What may they be?"
Mr Smith began to squirm a little. Tristan lifted the hand off his shoulder and left without another word. His words were too "edgey" anyway.

death... i personally didn't like that one. ehhh, lunch time!

your cruel intentions won't solve your problems... (hey girl - dashboard confessional)


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