Saturday, August 2

facebook.... now not only on facebook excessively often, but now writing about facebook

well not really, because the only thing i really do on facebook is occasionally talk to people, poke them and change my status. and i change my status a lot. and because they are often more "look at me, i'm so witty and funny and charming" rather than what i am actually doing. which i thought i might share, mainly because it gives me another chance to be "look at me, i'm so witty" (which itself was a status) (there were many more, but that in itself was excessive)

Frances is pointless, unless she's holding a sharp stick, or knife, or pencil. Making her sound to be meaningless without a means to hurt you.
Frances wants to be your ocean friend, with friendship like the salty water, running much deeper than this murky puddle of Facebook.
Frances loves her car, but thinks it should eat less
Frances is the opposite of interesting, camouflaged seamlessly in front of the freshly painted padio... she doesn't have a padio.
Frances could possibly be on the edge, but that doesn't really matter because she doesn't move much.
Frances cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock bashes Frances over the head.
Frances doesn't know whether she should break up the mysterious lemon couple she found rolling about together in her car

and just for some non-frances content, here are some from my friend Stephen, who i didn't ask to post, but he'll get over it if he ever finds out

Stephen is the warm center the rest of the world crowds around
Stephen is filled with rage about the existence of the word "Mondayitis" and thinks it is ridiculous.
Stephen is the ghost that appears when you knock on the wall of an Orphanage...
Stephen doesn't get the picture, he's just getting framed
Stephen : the word people mutter before they wake up screaming in terror.

if you have any you need to boast about, i am most willing to steal, i mean hear from you. =)
happy weekend times


Blogger observer said...

Rachel is a caffinated spirit of enlightenment. Do not be afraid.

1:40 pm, August 06, 2008  

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