Saturday, August 30

you're all talk
being heartless and cold-hearted are totally different things, one cannot be cold-hearted and heartless for they would have no heart to be cold.
empty of meaningful means
that's what people do when they have a life, well a life defined and valued by belongings anyway.

(Jenny doesn't let Sam talk, well she does but not for the amount of time Sam needs to explain what he wants or means to say. He sometimes wonders what she thinks of him, whether everything is based on first impression, the first word out of his mouth or if she even thinks of him at all. it would be okay if she didn't, he was impartial really to this occasional friendship. Truth was Jenny annoyed him, in a bearable way of course, but later reflection always added negative and cynical tags to her. She was self-confident - arrogant. She was determined - pushy, impatient. She asked and valued your opinion on how she looked - vain, tease. She wasn't shy to ask for help - lazy, cheat.)


Blogger observer said...

I like this. It reads like a gender study to me, what the world thinks of a woman who is confident, determined etc. The problems of masculinities - the self-confident woman cutting him off before he can explain himself or elaborate.

Probably reading too much into it that you didn't intend. But I do like it.

9:24 pm, September 01, 2008  

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