Monday, August 18

he devours the hours with not so much as a moment to chew

she can be frank with you, honest without you and will never follow through with blunt force trauma

the weather is wearing and the warmth is worn
the tear tears away from the befogging storm
mistaking a puddle for a break in the muddle
clothes for the dirt stains, bandaged inert pains
unwilling washed in the welcome rains

being full of one liners makes conversing hard

waiting in line at coles express (though i don't know why it's named in such a misleading manner) in melb. central being attacked by advertising. on one of the five Extra gum signs; "Extra: get's fruity" someone has scribbled out the apostrophe and written that it is not nessecary. makes me giggle, how wriggly's (sp?) marketting team missed it and also that the soilders of the 'war on error' are out in force. but then maybe wriggly's was just trying for a collective audience, that wants to become fruit, maybe it does get people fruity... willy wonka style...

wrist notes: Sedikides; farm w/e; 28th M; SSS 17th sept - "one of these things is not like the others"


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