Tuesday, September 28

Bjork - Hyperballad

We live on a mountain
Right at the top
There's a beautiful view
From the top of the mountain
Every morning I walk towards the edge
And throw little things off
Car parts, bottles and cutlery
Or whatever I find lying around

It's become a habit
A way
To start the day

I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you

It's early morning
No one is awake
I'm back at my cliff
Still throwing things off
I listen to the sounds they make
On their way down
I follow with my eyes 'til they crash
Imagine what my body would sound like
Slamming against those rocks

When it lands
Will my eyes
Be closed or open?

I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you

Monday, September 27

Who loves the chocolate? Everyone loves the chocolate. Nobody hates the chocolate. ‘Cos everyone loves the chocolate!!


Oh this book is brilliant! (drink beer straight from a bottle "brilliant!" well not that brillaint) I'll write out some brilliant quotes for you... yes it IS that grood. I mean good and great, great and good.... (it was written in 1995)

"If you haven't heard the term "Information Superhighway," you can probably look up right now and see bats hanging upside-down from the ceiling of the cave in which you live."

"Maybe you are not wondering at all "What is the Information Superhighway?" Instead, perhaps the question that first comes to mind is "Who cares?" Of course, you probably wouldn't be reading this if you didn't care, and you should, for lots of reasons. The Information Superhighway is going to affect your life whether you want it to or not."

"The information Superhighway is now, and for the foreseeable future, where the action is. If you join in the fun and excitement, not to mentio the profit potential, of this great new resourse, you'll benefit in more ways than you can imagine."

"On the other hand, if you choose not to embrace this undeniable wave of the future, while nearly everyone else is busily climbing on the computer bandwagon, you will surely be left behind. There you will be, huddled in your cave, alone with your new best friends, the bats. Well maybe that's an overstatement. Then again, maybe not."

"Contrary to what you read in the newspapers, not every living soul in the world wants to move to the United States."

"They delight in the debate and deliberation the precedes the birth of every new term, and they fancy themselves terribly clever."

"The exsitence of an "in" crowd would also suggest the exsitence of an "out" crowd. That, of course, would be you. They even have a name for people like you - "newbies". It doesn't take a genius to figure out what this means. It's not exactly the same as calling you a worthless idiot, but it's close enough."

If you don't know what its on about, its the internet, the thing you're using to read it right now. tehehe, it meantions "information superhighway" so often in the first chapter. We (well I, but my sister was with me) picked it up out of someones recycles and I started reading it to her, and everytime they wrote "information superhighway" I said it really fast. The book's alot more funny if you read it out loud.
adios amigos!

Saturday, September 25

laughing at... my helmet hat...
hey hey! how you doing? have asked that in a while, been really self-centred with my blogs lately. oh well
I worked 7.5hrs today. which means I got a 15min break! paid of course. ahuh! yeah it was cool! and I sat at the back with my feeling fruity and sushi and thought about stuff. And now here I am again thinking about stuff? "what is this 'stuff?"' you ask. Well I shall tell you, but first I have to put into context. Last night, at church there was this all night prayer thing, and so it started at 8 and i asked my mum to pick me up at 10 because i needed sleep for work today (my feet really, really hurt, but 15mins! anyway...). And it was really really goooooood, and like, I dunno, I came to this huge conclusion that I don't give enough time to God (bit of an understatement) and that I should give more time.
But now I'm still trying out how to do that. Like yeah sure, I have heaps of wasted time where I just sit there and go "i'm bored!" but I never had that motavation, or botherness to actually do anything, and if I do do something then its not that, as if it was the last thing i'd do.
Also with matter and time, is my trumpet pratice, I'm not as good I thought i was at the songs on my AMEB extra list and now i'm getting a little stressed, but not like that would encourage me to pratice more.
So I need to change stress and laziness into ACTION! yay yay rah rah!
and thats what I need to do.... it's just doing it... and I was about to say that I'd probally write later on saying that I give up, its no use, or this whole thing again, but I not, because I'm not going to give in, and now its in writing... well I don't know, what difference does wrting it down make? anyway. I SHALL SUCCEED! but not off my own bat, I need God in this, and luckily, He loves me and is there. He loves you too!
Jesus loves you!!

Wednesday, September 22

today is wednesday, don't be tricked into thinking its tuesday and then remember you have work at 4. get it? got it? good. yeah well, don't pity me, I'm better off than the average, I just complain too much, but I'm going to make stuff work now and try and put God first. Maybe I'll just stuff up again, but at least I'll try and do a little better and do more looking and listening to Him, other than myself or other people. Well this is my declaration... I just hope I can stick too it.

Tuesday, September 21

Frances Falls Again

Five falling quotes of previous posts

graciously they fall, but they hit the ground hard...

if your eyes stray and wander, you're more likely to fall...

Don't be the one too afraid to fall, that lives life like watching TV...

But the last two days have been sweet and now I'm just antisipating the fall, come on, come on, ruin my day....

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't fall now, I'll make it up to you, some day, some how...

Monday, September 20

sipping solo....

my jester hat lights up and is oh so cool... my cat in the hat hat is also oh so cool... and my black, plastic (not so) hard hat is pretty cool too.
But besides all the treasures and memories I have gathered from the show, I still feel kinda low, kinda sick really. (and that not is from all that candy consumption)
The title of this blog is "sipping solo", and yet while I actually am drinking 'Solo' (the Thirst Crusher), I am drinking alone, and that is and has been my general feeling for the past two months. Maybe I'm just seeking too much attention or I'm to vulnarable to insults whether they are ment or not. Oh well I guess I'll guess tomorrow.

Solo as in one, singular, and so-low as in how I feel...

Sunday, September 19

I just recently discovered this song, it sums up what I feel at the moment.

I know I get what I give
Since I don't feel too good guess I don't give much
Maybe I just wanna live
I knock on wood every time I feel human touch
What can I do to fit in?
Kiss up to someone? It will never happen
When alienation hits on me
My empathy is gone, my conscious blackens
And I just spit in your face
When you ask for help
My heart is made of stone

Nodody's best friend, I'm on my defence
Everyone stands alone
Another elbow hit, somebody's ego trip
Everyone stands alone
Everyone stands alone

I know I get what I give
Funny vibes, what goes around comes around
But yeah, I just wanna live
With someone by my side some kind of close band
Another spit in your face
Every time you need me
I am busy with my own

Nodody's best friend, I'm on my defence
Everyone stands alone
Another elbow hit, somebody's ego trip
Everyone stands alone
Everyone stands alone

When it all comes down to it we all stand alone

Sometimes I stand alone
Nodody's best friend, I'm on my defence
Everyone stands alone
Another elbow hit, somebody's ego trip
Everyone stands alone
Everyone stands alone

So many times it's been shown
Everyone stands alone
Hearts that are made of stone
Everyone stands alone

When it all comes down to it we all stand alone...

Millencolin - Montego

Friday, September 17

I forgot to check, if you were there,
in false hope to see if you care.
although I knew you wouldn't be,
because too you it's only me.

With you there is something I have found,
everytime I look up, I get put down,
rejected, neglected, mentally effected,
never really been, truely excepted.

A glimmer of hope, the start of a dream,
thats ends up in pain, an ear peircing scream,
I just stand here while you look for something richer,
to you I'm nothing more than another face in the picture.

in my mind you shall always stay,
even though I want you to go away,
but still I feel that more time is needed,
before my insanity shall be pleaded.

So this time I remembered just to look,
and when I did my knees slightly shook,
because it was someone else standing there,
and I still live becasue they showed they care...

Happy 201st post Regenerated Imagination!

Thursday, September 16

lalalalalalalalalalala this is a song for you, lalalalalalalala hope you like it toooooooooooooooooo
yay! a round of applause as i do a dance to my "I had ten dollars" song
*dances* I had ten dollars I had ten dollars *stops dancing*
adios amigos
missing you missing me, but did you ever miss me?

Monday, September 13

I wish you were a tree,
and just leave us,
so you would get to know,
what it's like to be oblivious...

I wish you were the dandelions,
that get blown away,
in the harsh winds,
that'll take you into yesterday...

I wish you were a rose,
a deep red, sprinkled with dew,
and although I lothe you're thorns,
Unfortuantly I know I still love you...

Friday, September 10

What Kung Fu Hamster Are You?

I wrote this all by myself, isn't it cool? tehe

Question One

One the weekend you like to...
a) hang out with all your hamster buddies, maybe go on your training wheel for a bit.
b) sit in your cage wondering about hot guy and/or girl hamsters
c) eat, sleep, eat, watch tv
d) work really hard at your job and do homework
e) practice all your cool kung fu moves on the water dispenser

Question Two
The best word that describes me is...
a) social
b) wouldn't you like to know ;)
c) meh
d) human
e) hamster

Question Three
If I had $2 I would...
a) spend it
b) hire... people...
c) meh
d) put it in my bank account
e) use it as some kind of weapon against evil hamsters

Question Four
Whats your favourite colour?
a) pink
b) the colour of your eyes baby
c) meh
d) black, green and/or purple
e) black and/or red, and sometimes camoflage

Question Five
If I saw a evil kung fu hamster in a dark alley I would...
a) run, ahh! how scary!
b) check them out, ask them for their number
c) meh
d) kick it because hamsters are small little fury things
e) declare ultimate battle! and fight to the death... of them

mostly a's:
"I wish I was as cool as you" kung fu hamster (You're not a really kung fu hamster, you're a fake, and so where all you're answers, like who really would describe themselves as social? or like the colour pink? maybe I'm jealous, but atleast I'm not pretending)
mostly b's: hot kung fu hamster (although your little hamster brain isn't on how you can train your kung fu skills, your developing other skills, the ones most hamster only wish they could have)
mostly c's: bored kung fu hamster (you are so bored with your little hamster life, you could do with a alittle from the b and/or e catorgy)
mostly d's: delusional kung fu hamster (you don't think you're a hamster at all and spend most of you're day trying to be human, get a life, we're all hamsters) (sorry if you are an undercover hamster and I called you delusional, you do your job very well)
mostly e's: all out, most coolest kung fu hamster around (you're so cool that your over the top and annoying... get a day job)

Thursday, September 9

don't forget to remember your future,
don't loose your grip on the wall
if your eyes stray and wander.
you're more likely to fall.

Well this is what they said to me,
I don't know if they're right,
is falling a reaction,
to the retreat or the fight?

don't forget to remember your future,
don't keep your eyes off the goal.
if your eyes stray and wander,
you're going to hit a brick wall.

well this is what they tell me,
but I think that they forgot.
that the brick walls still exsist,
whether you see them or not.

don't forget, do remember,
don't keep it but don't let go,
where am I going again?
um... can I say I don't know?

Wednesday, September 8

and the spies came out of the water, and your feeling so bad cause you know, that the spies hide out in every corner, but you can't touch them no, because they are spies....
mmmhmm, better believe it.
how are we? or you? my only reader. *claps* horray! did you know that its almost our little regenerated imagination's first birthday? how cool is that? It so has to have a party. Have to think of some presents. WOO! sounds like a plan, this time it'll work.
I want to be a supermodel... its a song not a dream!
I beleive in the right to live, unfortuanly I'm the one who gets in the way of me doing that. I wish I could be more bothered, its like, yay, its the weekend but no one wants me to go anywhere so I'll dwell in this self pity and not leave or take the initiative. I'm so sick of taking the initiative.
Did you know that I broke a pair of nail clippers on my big toe nail? they were even the ones for toes. strange isn't it? isn't it strange? maybe, maybe not. I hope your nodding your head in agreeance or yelling in disagreeance. are they the right words? The right words to say are so hard to find...
I awake to see no one is free...

Monday, September 6

This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world, and while she looked so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her, when she smiles...

Well hello there. Imagine seeing you here. How are you? I wish someone would ask me that... besides on msn.
I don't understand. I'm reall with people, I try to understand them, I listen to their problems, I try to help when they want it, why doesn't it work the other way round? They say to have good friends you have to be one... but what am I doing wrong? please tell me...

my head hurts
my heart aches
to stop this pain
what will it take?
and through this mist,
I'm yet to cry,
not like you'd notice,
the tear in my eye...

This is the story of a girl, who's pretty face she hid from the world. And while she looked so sad a lonely there, I absolutely love her..

Sunday, September 5

yeah... rejected... again... oh will my life keep running in circles?
well all I'll tell spells "ll"... used to be for love but now its just for loner...

Saturday, September 4

well the caption on it says:
"Many people take drugs to get away from aspects in their lives. From things that really hurt deep down inside. But what happens when the drug wears off and the side effects kick in? What happens when the bubble bursts?"

and yes I know I spelt assault and boredom wrong....

this is my drugs project, are you proud? the caption on it says (its not in the picture) Posted by Hello