Friday, September 17

I forgot to check, if you were there,
in false hope to see if you care.
although I knew you wouldn't be,
because too you it's only me.

With you there is something I have found,
everytime I look up, I get put down,
rejected, neglected, mentally effected,
never really been, truely excepted.

A glimmer of hope, the start of a dream,
thats ends up in pain, an ear peircing scream,
I just stand here while you look for something richer,
to you I'm nothing more than another face in the picture.

in my mind you shall always stay,
even though I want you to go away,
but still I feel that more time is needed,
before my insanity shall be pleaded.

So this time I remembered just to look,
and when I did my knees slightly shook,
because it was someone else standing there,
and I still live becasue they showed they care...

Happy 201st post Regenerated Imagination!


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