Friday, September 10

What Kung Fu Hamster Are You?

I wrote this all by myself, isn't it cool? tehe

Question One

One the weekend you like to...
a) hang out with all your hamster buddies, maybe go on your training wheel for a bit.
b) sit in your cage wondering about hot guy and/or girl hamsters
c) eat, sleep, eat, watch tv
d) work really hard at your job and do homework
e) practice all your cool kung fu moves on the water dispenser

Question Two
The best word that describes me is...
a) social
b) wouldn't you like to know ;)
c) meh
d) human
e) hamster

Question Three
If I had $2 I would...
a) spend it
b) hire... people...
c) meh
d) put it in my bank account
e) use it as some kind of weapon against evil hamsters

Question Four
Whats your favourite colour?
a) pink
b) the colour of your eyes baby
c) meh
d) black, green and/or purple
e) black and/or red, and sometimes camoflage

Question Five
If I saw a evil kung fu hamster in a dark alley I would...
a) run, ahh! how scary!
b) check them out, ask them for their number
c) meh
d) kick it because hamsters are small little fury things
e) declare ultimate battle! and fight to the death... of them

mostly a's:
"I wish I was as cool as you" kung fu hamster (You're not a really kung fu hamster, you're a fake, and so where all you're answers, like who really would describe themselves as social? or like the colour pink? maybe I'm jealous, but atleast I'm not pretending)
mostly b's: hot kung fu hamster (although your little hamster brain isn't on how you can train your kung fu skills, your developing other skills, the ones most hamster only wish they could have)
mostly c's: bored kung fu hamster (you are so bored with your little hamster life, you could do with a alittle from the b and/or e catorgy)
mostly d's: delusional kung fu hamster (you don't think you're a hamster at all and spend most of you're day trying to be human, get a life, we're all hamsters) (sorry if you are an undercover hamster and I called you delusional, you do your job very well)
mostly e's: all out, most coolest kung fu hamster around (you're so cool that your over the top and annoying... get a day job)


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