Tuesday, January 16

I am dancing because I got into my first preference of science at Melbourne Uni! horray! *dances some more*. First round offers came out today, i wasn't too excited because i needed a 85.05 but only got 84.05 ENTER, but the clearly-in mark went down to 83! horray! non-victorian citizens (as in, not of the state Victoria in Australia, compared to not being of the Victorian era, 1837-1901 i think...) probally don't have a clue what I'm talking about. the Enter is nothing like american SAT scores though, the highest ENTER is 99.95-8. i'm not going to try and explain it, it'll bring down my mood, just like my former small-group leader at church telling me everyone who's still there individual scores, which all happened to be over ninety. gosh, she probably didn't mean to rub it in my face, i would have been happy knowing if they were happy or unhappy with their scores. The number doesn't matter, its the way you feel about it that does. adios. *dances away*

p.s. where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman.

Thursday, January 11

Lay Your Love On Me - Racey

I wish people still danced like this...

Friday, January 5

me as a hurricane

... Frances strengthened rapidly, reaching Category 3 intensity 24 hours later on the 27th and Category 4 the next day. Initially forecast to turn north and potentially threaten Bermuda, conditions changed and Frances's predicted track shifted westward toward the Bahamas. Frances's intensity fluctuated as it travelled west over the next several days, dropping back to a Category 3 storm before restrengthening. This drop and subsequent restrengthening was likely caused by an eyewall replacement cycle, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC).... ...Because of Frances's large eye of roughly 80 miles (130 km) across and slow motion, the center of circulation remained offshore for several more hours... ...Frances headed inland, weakening to a tropical depression and causing heavy rainfall over the southern US. Tropical Depression Frances continued north, maintaining its circulation longer than expected... ...One death in the Bahamas, one in Ohio, and five in Florida were directly attributed to the storm. 42 more deaths - 32 in Florida, eight in Georgia, one in the Bahamas and one in Ohio, are indirectly attributed to Frances... ...The total civilian damage from Frances was determined to be approximately $8,830,000,000... ...Frances also spawned 123 tornados from Florida to as far north as Virginia. This amount beats the record number of tornadoes for a hurricane, which was 115 for Hurricane Beulah in 1967... ...Because of its effects in the United States, the name Frances was retired in the spring of 2005 by the World Meteorological Organization and will never again be used for an Atlantic hurricane... ...the destruction caused by Frances alone was cause enough for retirement.

copied and pasted from wikipedia.

i don't mean this as something to laugh about, i was actually going to sum up a cyclone and then i found a hurricane of my name. i find the personifications of storms and the like intriguing, and how the aftermath is tallied up crude, but interesting all the same.

it's one of those half-full, half-empty pictures. in that i mean the glass analogy to a person's outlook, "is the glass half-empty or half-full?". picking up or letting go?

this is one of a series of shots that i took of my right hand. i had this idea that i would take it in different poses and because i write with my right hand it would be somewhat symbolic. now please readers, if you have a camera nearby, try and line up a shot of your right hand, holding the camera with your left. Unless you're actually doing it right now, or have tried before, you really don't understand the awkwardness of such a task. Oh, and is you were wondering about the nice hue of the picture, yes i used flash, no i haven't photoshop'd it, all i did was crop it. it just shows the quality of my little digi indoors. man, photos are fun.

Thursday, January 4

the faces of Regen...
...being slightly suspicious...
...or maybe...
...they're watching out for you...

Monday, January 1

Life may be a gift, but it isn't a given

The world is a beating heart torn from the chest of morality, every contraction resulting in an expulsion of substance, the loss of another soul and the blackening of society as the blood clots. But for this heart to persist, in pulsing and pushing out the essence of life, it must still be connected to something outside itself, something to stimulate a response, unless humanity has tampered and polluted it to the extent where it is not as we believe it should be. An incredible medical breakthrough for theorists, religious leaders and scientists, united in their (masked or unmasked) desire to be right. Their desires to be acknowledged as the intelligent archaeologists that managed to dig up the alternate answer to Douglas Adams' "42", blind them to the consequences that the misjudged swings of their pick-axes are causing. In their self-righteous battles to be recognized and exalted, no matter how humble they are in faith, may soon bring forth an answer. But the bickering makes sensitive work tardy, so maybe a heart attack will strike out society before the answers are unearthed. Or maybe we'll stop looking for the last drop of being, and focus on fixing the leak. But how may people know how to? How many people care? Is perception such a given that we cease to use it? These are just the angsty ramblings of an eighteen-year-old girl, what would she know about real life? What could she know about living at this stage?

pffft, teenagers, all they want to do is get drunk and fuck and generalize, glad the adults know what they're doing. (wow... two statements in one sentence, boy am i bitter today.)

happy new years too, two-zero-zero-seven. hope it brings something new.