Friday, January 5

it's one of those half-full, half-empty pictures. in that i mean the glass analogy to a person's outlook, "is the glass half-empty or half-full?". picking up or letting go?

this is one of a series of shots that i took of my right hand. i had this idea that i would take it in different poses and because i write with my right hand it would be somewhat symbolic. now please readers, if you have a camera nearby, try and line up a shot of your right hand, holding the camera with your left. Unless you're actually doing it right now, or have tried before, you really don't understand the awkwardness of such a task. Oh, and is you were wondering about the nice hue of the picture, yes i used flash, no i haven't photoshop'd it, all i did was crop it. it just shows the quality of my little digi indoors. man, photos are fun.


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