Wednesday, December 27

i'm sorry i don't go out as often as you want me too
i'm sorry if i write tasteless, riddles of pure nonsense
i'm sorry that if in my preaching i become like the hypocrites i hate.
i'm sorry that i can't comfort you in your times of need. i never heard words that made me feel any better, so how could i give empty words to you?
i'm sorry if my jokes offend
i'm sorry i don't understand what it's like to be you
i'm sorry i don't feel the same way
i'm sorry that i might like women more than men
i'm sorry that my apologies sound sarcastic
i'm sorry i don't feel comfortable with your hand inside my thigh.
i'm sorry i'm not a better person
i'm sorry i don't have the nerve to say this too your face
and i'm fucking sorry that i felt like i had to apologize in a place where the only readers are those who don't deserve me ranting at them like this.


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