Saturday, December 2

so maybe this is what it's like, to not remember what it's like...

smiling at strangers. is it really worth it? i got bumped by a lady walking past me today and she said nothing to me, she didn't even look at me. how much do we owe to complete strangers? are they someone to ignore, to avoid eye contact with? I wouldn't think so, but the more I look around shopping centres, the less it seems to be. Maybe that could just be the shopping scene.
I wonder if the "don't talk to strangers" warning kids grew up with have removed the respect some people have for strangers. Though they should know what is out there, not everyone is out to lure little children into their car with candy. It could be my belief that strangers aren't enemies, that causes people at bus stops and train stations to feel implied to talk to me. Usually elderly women, about the weather or the times the transport is coming, and it's lateness and other general complains, but they start it. All I do is give a warm, passing smile and they start up like they know me. It's a nice feeling, but sometimes unwanted. maybe thats why a lot of people ignore strangers... *ponder ponder*

come and take away my want, doesn't matter what I want, I hear labotomies are free these days. I doubt now, your gestures are sincere, goddamn piece of shit broken mirror. I don't know what I want or want I've got... (What's Free Is Yours - Pony Up)


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