Friday, October 27

First day of exams. English and Specialist Maths 1 (no notes or calc). English was alright, once it was over, but i thought we had an extra 15mins which we didn't so i didn't finish my second written response, we have to complete to text and two written responses in 3hrs. The quality control was so varied through the pieces that i think i'll get around a six out of ten. I'd be happy with that, maybe a lot of people will do poorly... but thats no way to approach an exam. Specialist was another matter, it stumped me completely. Position vectors, bloody position vectors, something that I forgot because it was such a little part of the course. well obviously it isn't. And i was stupid enough to consider the normal reaction in a hanging object, when that only applies if the object is on a surface. *head desk*
well nothing acan be done now except looking forward and studying harder for the next. Position vectors, kinematics, friction, complex numbers, vector calculus, intergal calculus revision to the max. here i come.


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