Saturday, October 14

the frustration of new age shorthand

aii noe nutin,'bout da histri ov dis stoopid wae ov typin', bud sumtin tells miie dat aii dun wanna. wen numbrz replace l3tt3rz, den we must strt 2 worri. 4get aii sed nething, riting lyk dis is tu hard on mi brain. aii ave ta keep tinkin wich wae wud make miie sound lyk aii neva lernt ow to rite propli. lyk, u no, remid meself tuh putin y instead ov aii alf da time, and tuh remove da 'th' zound fom nglish ntirely. omg, aii jst rote 4 sentances lyk dat. lol! ail rite a translation 4 da pplz ho dun noe how tuh reed dis.

(I know nothing about the history of this stupid way of typing, but something tells me that I don't want to. When numbers replace letters, then we must start to worry. Forget I said anything, writing like this is too hard on my brain. I have to keep thinking which way would make me sound like I never learnt how to write properly. Like, you know, reminf myself to put in 'y' instead of 'i' half the time, and to remove the 'th' sound from english entirely. Oh my god/goodness/grog, I just wrote four sentences like that. laugh out loud (or haha). I'll write a translation for the people who don't know how to read this.)

p.s. I apologise for the over exaggeration, but I just had to read an e-mail from a very dear friend who unfortuantly uses this "shorthand" a lot. It is frustrating and I was frustrated. It should be limited, I should lobby against it. you use such words against me, and I'll treat you like you are talking another language, sorry i don't speak txt. English is a wonderful language (not as wonderful as others though), why slaughter it so badly?


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