Saturday, October 14

with more than brains,
but less than wit,
you rob the sunset,
before the night can hit.
hanging above the horizon,
the sun burns with anger,
stopping the world's spin,
you make time last longer.
the sun trapped between your hands,
you notice your mistake.
now the world's momentum lost,
it's suddenly too late.
time as we know it stops,
your plan was not thought through,
the world is trapped mid-spin,
you only thought of you.
I wished for more time too,
but not like this at all,
with the sun's rays only reaching,
half of this earthy ball.
you finally let it go,
and nothing seems to happen,
eventually the sun sets,
the incident forgotten.
excused as a technology fault,
truths excussed across the lands,
only I really know how,
you came to lose your hands...


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