Wednesday, November 1

now time - like an ocean, knows tide - like a notion. to toss about the house, and lose inside the couch, and piles of our thoughts, run miles in the dark, just trying to get home...

I don't know where to begin because I fear where I may end. Point A and point B aren't meant to be two points on a circle in which B is passed numerous times before the motion stops, before the derivative equals zero. But you listen to speeches and read analysis, newspapers and essays and one of the key aspects to writing a "good piece" is to restate point B again and again. Maybe this suits ten minutes speeches and 500 word essays, but for conversation, for a short note, for someone to believe that you don't think they're an idiot, point B is the end unless there is any debate to be heard. I think I have just made my fear a reality. Without the substance to support point B and how it relates to point B directly, agruments and essays are boring. Thats what I really think, not all that dribble about challenging what makes speeches and written pieces good or not.
Gah... I want to go back to school, but classes are finished...

"it's times like these where i really appreciate your sarcasm" she scoffed sarcasticlly, turning her back on the only man she ever loved.

now i'm wide as the ocean, now i bleed roses and you are just a mark on the map of my past. but i am a road, i wind along alone, all day until the coast... (Season Poem - Gregory and the Hawk, I don't know where you stand with music piracy, but i really think you should download this song, it's lovely)


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