Monday, November 13

"I don't know anymore Jane, I... just don't know what to do" Meg whispered, running her hand through her hair, wrapping her fingers around knots and pulling, hard. Jane put an arm around her and took hold of Meg's hand, lowering it.
"It'll be okay, just step through it. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." Jane comforted her friend, squeezing her hand gently. Meg squeezed back, but said nothing. They sat like that for a while, without a word, wondering what the other was thinking.
"I think..." Meg started. Jane looked up at her, inviting her to continue, showing her full attention. "... it's gone, don't worry".
"Meg, if you don't want to share it with me that's fine" Jane said soothingly, withdrawing her arm from Meg's shoulder, "Just understand that I'm here if you need me to be."
Jane smiled compassionately. Meg looked up at her and returned the smile. Then, quite suddenly yet smoothly, she lent in and kissed Jane, on the lips. Jane shook her head slightly.
"Meg... do you know what you're doing?"
"I... I..." Meg stuttered, "don't... arg, I'm so stupid. Sorry, I shouldn't have done that."
They sat awkwardly in silence for well over five minutes.
"You know..." Jane whispered "I do love you, but... it's..."
"But not like that," Meg cut her off with a internal sigh.
"You didn't let me finish... I meant that..." Jane paused, staring at the concrete footpath. She looked up and Meg was there, inviting her to continue with kind eyes. So Jane kissed her back, hard.

[this was kind of an experiment, working out different styles, different characters. maybe there'll be a greater story for these two. it's a bit of a touchy subject with some people and i wouldn't have any personal experiences to draw from, so i don't know. another day]


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