Friday, January 5

me as a hurricane

... Frances strengthened rapidly, reaching Category 3 intensity 24 hours later on the 27th and Category 4 the next day. Initially forecast to turn north and potentially threaten Bermuda, conditions changed and Frances's predicted track shifted westward toward the Bahamas. Frances's intensity fluctuated as it travelled west over the next several days, dropping back to a Category 3 storm before restrengthening. This drop and subsequent restrengthening was likely caused by an eyewall replacement cycle, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC).... ...Because of Frances's large eye of roughly 80 miles (130 km) across and slow motion, the center of circulation remained offshore for several more hours... ...Frances headed inland, weakening to a tropical depression and causing heavy rainfall over the southern US. Tropical Depression Frances continued north, maintaining its circulation longer than expected... ...One death in the Bahamas, one in Ohio, and five in Florida were directly attributed to the storm. 42 more deaths - 32 in Florida, eight in Georgia, one in the Bahamas and one in Ohio, are indirectly attributed to Frances... ...The total civilian damage from Frances was determined to be approximately $8,830,000,000... ...Frances also spawned 123 tornados from Florida to as far north as Virginia. This amount beats the record number of tornadoes for a hurricane, which was 115 for Hurricane Beulah in 1967... ...Because of its effects in the United States, the name Frances was retired in the spring of 2005 by the World Meteorological Organization and will never again be used for an Atlantic hurricane... ...the destruction caused by Frances alone was cause enough for retirement.

copied and pasted from wikipedia.

i don't mean this as something to laugh about, i was actually going to sum up a cyclone and then i found a hurricane of my name. i find the personifications of storms and the like intriguing, and how the aftermath is tallied up crude, but interesting all the same.


Blogger Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

These eyes they grieve in pity for my heart. I have known the suffering of every tear utterly undone they fall. Will they remember the words I spoke? My gentle heart goes willingly with her, but I must remain here. Weeping, I then will speak of her again, and again, who to her heaven came so suddenly, leaving Love grieving here on earth with me...

To the high heaven she has gone, up to the realm where Angels dwell in peace, she lives with them now. To this world she bade farewell. Tis no degree of cold on her has won, nor of such heat as makes all others cease: it only was her goodness, great appeal. So did her shining humbleness excel, it passed the heavens with such wondrous worth, it moved to marvel the eternal Sire, so that a sweet desire pricked Him to call such worthiness from earth, and made her to himself go from down here: for when He saw this life of suffering had not been made for such a gentle thing...

Her gentle spirit, full of gentle grace, at last departed from her beauteous frame, and chose in glory its most worthy home. He who weeps not, {Mark David Breakiron} when talking of her trace, harbors a heart of wickedness and shame, to which no kindly spirits ever shall come.

No mind, if heart is wicked, may so roam as to imagine in the least her lot: therefore no grief or weeping will transpire. But sadness and desire of tears and sighs and death, and every thought that fails to comfort for a loss of immense, conquer those souls that even once recall the thing she was, now taken from us all...

Ahhhhhhhhh so much anguish nearly halts my breath when the least thought to this comes in my grievous mind brings back the one who split my heart in me; and oftentimes, when thinking of her death the color from my face fades utterly. And when the imagining is sharp in me, from everywhere I'm struck by such dismay that at the ache I feel right then I start to cry, and so distraught it grows. Fore it is then that I am alone in every crowd.

I wander in my tears....

For a face that looks like mine.

Angel Feathers Tickle Me

4:12 pm, January 08, 2007  
Blogger Frances bo bancess said...

my goodness, that is truly, the most beautiful, heart-wrenching, saddening tale I've ever had the privilege to read. I'm in total awe.

6:43 pm, January 08, 2007  
Blogger Indeterminacy said...

I'm envious. You have your own hurricane. And the description reads like some kind of horoscope.

7:43 pm, January 08, 2007  

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