Tuesday, September 25

just in case you didn't get enough, did you know that a ds lite fits perfectly in an empty box of pocky? The other one is just there to show off my shoes... teheh

update: reloaded pictures plus another... muhahaha. god i'm bored

it's not just a console... it's a consoul...

mum said i'd been playing it too much since i got the r4 for ds (which basically means i have access to 100s of games, and i can put movies and anime on it, as well as waste time making different skins for the menu screens), which is very true. so i decided to spend some time expressing it's exterior charm and beauty. hahaha... ahh... *tug collar* i'm on break at the moment if that explains anything... hopefully everything... maybe not the pirate, i think that went too far...

Thursday, September 20

ok... i admit it. I've just spent the last hour and a bit on similarminds and quizilla and the like doing personality tests. now quite a few of them were the "which character from blah blah are you?", but then i started getting into the Jung personality tests, which is relevant seeing we're studying personality typing (you can't get away from humans wanting to categorize) in psych soon. But to some extent i'm finding it slightly scary how border line i am in all of the traits, and for some reason most of their combinations are "rare", i mean, do you want to make people feel any more isolated? it gives off the feeling that being unique doesn't make you special, it simply makes you different from everyone else. probably should have spent my time finishing my maths project, but that would have annoyed me too. gah, so angsty right now, so much for "elegance".

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

because we all need personality tests to tell us who we are...

Monday, September 17

the sounds you were making, i couldn't understand,
some thing was breaking, did you lose sight of land?
i saw that you're shaking, could i've held your hand?
would that of made things any... better?

i wished that i could tell you, that it'll all just be fine,
but they're words that you knew, could never be mine,
i can still give you, a few days of my time,
would that of made things any... better?

it was warm on my shoulder, where you rested your head,
it soon got colder, as you moved away instead,
the moment grew older, then in a whisper you said,
"you can't make this, better..."

Monday, September 10

you are beautiful and amazing and kind and precious and i am so glad you are here.

it's addressed to you

Sunday, September 9

Hold Me Down - Motion City Soundtrack

Saturday, September 1

because you are...

it's because you are bright
it's because you are energetic
it's because you are happy
it's because you are free
it's because you are content

it's all because...

it's because you are smiling
it's because you are laughing
it's because you are dancing
it's because you are spinning
it's because you are living

it's so because...

it's because you are thinking
it's because you are dreaming
it's because you are waking
it's because you are wincing
it's because you are drowning

it's something because...

it's because you are moody
it's because you are hesitant
it's because you are afraid
it's because you are unstable
it's because you are alone

everything is because...

you are you
someone who
like us all
will keep on changing