Friday, August 28

Is this everything, I've dreamed of so much more, between the end and where we lie. here all our hopes and dreams are scavenged from the floor and fed into machines that feed on vacant eyes.
all of my dreams, always find me. far beyond these fake fluorescent skies. I know there must be something more, if I could only find the door, then I could free myself and see the world outside...

i kept thinking that one day i'd have evolved (slowly, but surely) my passwords to more frequently visited sites, that i'd eventually forget how to get back here, and the feeling that i wouldn't really miss it crept up. well I guess that's predictable because I've been gone for the good part of the year, but it was coupled with a sensation of not really wanting to lose it, much like a hoarders(?). one day it may come in handy... which is somewhat doubtful with a personal blog, unless one needed to create a psych profile, in which it'd be inaccurate anyway (what i would've done for someone to need to make a psych profile is worrying...).

oh! and a shout out to John who found me on Facebook, thanks for your message. =]

where daylight breaks on you and shines into the grey that sleeps beneath your skull, daylight breaks on you and burns away the grey that suffocates your soul...
Between the End and Where We Lie - Thrice

what you should do today: Scrabble it up - double set style (for when you really have too many people to play just one board)


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