Wednesday, November 21

old people annoy me.
make a tiny joke about politics or weather and they start ranting.
they don't pick up on "young sarcasm". it's for some reason less noticeable than that of senior sarcasm, the difference i think is in the delivery, but i really don't understand the division.
they can make fun of you all they like and you're expected to laugh.
they get frustrated when you don't know what they're thinking, because you should know.
but you shouldn't know anything else, because otherwise you're difficult to talk too. well i guess i find it much easier to talk to potatoes too.
they interrupt you with irrelevant or already mentioned information.
as a guess in your house, they have the nerve to call you lazy, reminiscing and recollecting stories of their childhood that you remember better than they, because you've heard them all before.
well, maybe these are specific to one, but i'm only 19, it's only to be expected that i don't know the difference between a general and specific statements.
patronizing me makes me think you're stupid, it certainly doesn't impress.

i'm aware that not all senior citizens are of the same caliber.
okay, i'm done now.
good night!

Monday, November 19

i was flipping through a true or false quiz on social psych on facebook (yes i have joined the herd) and stumbled upon this;
"Hurting others makes us feel better. When life hands you lemons, don't bother making lemonade... just pelt them at somebody else"
the original saying absolutly irks me, i mean, you need sugar for lemonade and where are you meant to pull that from if all you ever have is want "life hands you"? if you're supposed to go down to the shops and buy it, i would much rather forget about the lemons and buy some chocolate. yes i took that much too literally. when i read it, really liked the "pelt them at someone else" bit, but now i'm feeling guilty over liking it so much. it's similar to saying "i love how the world hates itself so much", which is slightly (cough) over dramatic, but thats the gist of it. what also gets me is that even though i can say that it's true, i disagree that people actually do it. from personal experience (so it has no merit at all), people who have been handed so many lemons that we could stop planting lemon trees and the economy would be fine, usually are a lot kinder than those with just those in their fruit bowl. it could be that i think that because i live an incredibly sheltered life, and i am surrounded by everyday superheroes. anyway, much like all studies in psych, this statement is general, it's broad, it could probably be overturned in a year or two, but people are led to take these as fact, even if the researches only use the word "suggests". and for it to take its place in a true or false quiz (which is meant for fun, i get it) pushes it to new heights. i enjoy psychology, so why am i so resentful of its ways?

(oh and hey, in other news, i turned 19 on friday. horray!)

Tuesday, November 13

"i think i'll go home and mull this over, before i cram it down my throat, at long last it's crashed, it's colossal mass, has broken up into lits in my moat"

last exam today, filled with a flooding relief. i'm so over-flowing i could even pour you a cup if you like, it is quite refreshing. chemistry was awfully horrible, disgusting and i'm glad i don't need to touch it even again, if i have to it will be with a large stick. i didn't study enough, i studied the lesser marked topics, i didn't work hard enough. sure, i'll probably pass with the load of dribble i handed in, but it'll be nothing special. it kind of irritates me that i didn't really exert myself, but i can let it go, and i plan on doing that soon, once my fingers unclench themselves. they have 4 months before uni starts again, i think thats much more time than necessary.

keep on keeping on

"it's a luscious mix of words and tricks, that let us bet when you know we should fold, on rocks i dreamt of where we'd stepped and the whole mess of roads we're now on..." (Caring is Creepy - The Shins)

Saturday, November 10

at work we're positioned a-shop-away from an entrance and have a huge-ass sky-light (which is at the moment slight obscured by christmas decorations. they were put up in october, "a little bit shiny, a little bit of an eyesore and a little bit early") so we are quite aware of the weather outside. we are also very aware that we are stuck inside. now i don't embrace the summer elements very well, but that is no reason to stop me from getting annoyed when people come in glorifying the weather and then the occasional telling me to "think of the money" if i was to feel down about missing out. today i was serving a regular customer, an incredibly kind lady, and conversation drifted to the weather. as much as the topic irks me, it's easy to talk about and it's uncomfortable not making conversation with someone you see every week. so i said i'd much rather the rain and cooler weather, in which she replied (in good humour) that they'd (the men in the white coats i presume) probably take me away one day. of all the things the white-coated men could take me away for, they'd do it over something like weather preference? the weather unnaturally annoys me, but i don't think that's something to be locked up for. maybe i could become a seasonal traveler and escape to the northern hemisphere every summer, or tasmania, then they'd have to chase me and if they caught me they'd see me as a reasonable and sane young lass as i wouldn't be suffering from summer stress. horray!
what would the white-coats chase you across the world for?

Tuesday, November 6

...and you are just a mark, on the map of my past. but i am a road, i wind along alone, all day until the coast... (season poem - gregory and the hawk)